Raju and The Money Tree PDF

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Raju and The Money Tree Story Book PDF Free Download

Raju and The The Money Tree

Raju and The Money Tree PDF

Raju was very lazy. He passed his time sleeping all day and dreaming about getting rich Ruje lives with his old mother in a small village

His mother barely manned to Square me day by working day and night One-day Roju dreamt about a tree a which marey grows

Wow What a tr I shall get very rich if I am a to find such a tree Immediately he left s their search of the money tree

He walked day..Orn the day Raju decided to rest under a free As usual he started doing But Raju was puzzled The old man decided to do something for Raju can’t worry You have reached the right place.

I will give you some seeds You to the back to your home and plant them in your garden and sight without any food and water

Afterward, plants will grow from these seeds. You leave to take good care of all the plants Soon the plants will become trees on which money will grow

He thought the aid man must be an angel. He had helped him discover the traw a which money grows Please do come to cu hox

My mother will be glad to meet on Urgell You come to your village Yofter a year when your trees will be ful-prinen

Pathanked the sid nan for all his help and left for his He was suddenly awakened by an oid ma who was storingdrectly into his eyes

Who are you? Ian Roju and I am traveling I am searching for In for s free on which ener gram What? How carany body

But remember: dart tel Anybody shouts this other wall the powers and the seeds will nich People will the sp Croch but who are you? Why is your locking so tired Where are

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Raju and The The Money Tree Story Book PDF Free Download

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