The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich: A History of Nazi Germany PDF

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The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich Book PDF Free Download

The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich Book PDF Free Download


ON THE VERY EVE of the birth of the Third Reich a feverish tension gripped Berlin. The Weimar Republic, it seemed obvious to almost everyone, was about to expire.

For more than a year it had been fast crumbling. General Kurt von Schleicher, who like his immediate pred ocessor,

Franz von Papen, cared little for the Republic and less for its democracy, and who, also like him, had ruled as Chancellor by presidential decree

without recourse to Parliament, had come to the end of his rope after fifty-seven days in office

On Saturday, January 28, 1933, he had been abruptly dismissed by the aging President of the Republic, Field Marshall von Hindenburg.

Adolf Hitler, leader of the National Socialists, the largest political party in Germany, was demanding for himself the chancellorship of the demo cratic Republic he had sworn to destroy

The wildest rumors of what might happen were rife in the capital that fateful winter weekend, and the most alarming of them, as it happened, were not without some foundation.

There were reports that Schleicher. in collusion with General Kurt von Hammerstein, the Commander in Chief of the Army, was preparing a puutsch with the support of the

Potsdam garrison for the purpose of arresting the President and establish ing a military dictatorship. There was talk of a Nazi putsch.

The Berlin storm troopers, aided by Nazi sympathizers in the police, were to seize the Wilhelmstrasse, where the President’s Palace and most of the government ministries were located.

There was talk abe of a general strike. On Sunday, January 29, a hundred thousand workers crowded into the Lustgurten in the center of

Berlin to demonstrate their opposition to mak ing Hitler Chancellor. One of their leaders attempted to get in touch with

General von Hammerstein to propose joint action by the Army and organized labor should Heler be named to head a new government.

Once before, at the time of the Kapp putsch in 1920, a general strike had saved the Republic after the government had led the capita Throughout most of the night from Sunday to Monday Hitler pacod

AuthorWilliam L. Shirer
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The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich Book PDF Free Download

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