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The Nyaya Theory Of Knowledge Book PDF Free Download

The Nyaya Theory Of Knowledge Book PDF Free Download

Nyaya Philosophy

The Nyaya philosophy is primarily concerned with the conditions of valid thought and the means of acquiring a true knowledge of objects.

Nyaya is a science that lays down the rules and methods that are essentially necessary for a clear and precise understanding of all the materials of our knowledge as these are derived from.

With this end in view, the science of Nyaya deals with all the processes and methods that are involved, either directly or indirectly, in the right and consistent knowledge of reality.

That this so appears clearly from the common use of the word anriksiki as a synonym for the Nyayasastra The name antikşili means.

The science of the processes and methods of a reasoned and systematic knowledge of objects, supervening on a vague understanding of them.

On the basis of mere perception and uncritical caused testimony In other words, it is the science of an analytic and reflective knowledge of objects in continuation of and as an advance on the unreflective keneral.

knowledge in which we are more receptive than critical. It is the mediated knowledge of the contents of faith, feeling, and intuition. Accordingly, Nyaya literally meaning methodical study)

Maybe described as the science of the methods and conditions of valid thought and true knowledge of objects. In a narrow sense, however, name is taken to mean.

The syllogistic type of inference, consisting of five propositions called its members or factors. It should, however, be remarked.

Here that the epistemological problem as to the methods and conditions of valid knowledge is not the sole or the ultimate end of the observation and authenticity.

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The Nyaya Theory Of Knowledge Book PDF Free Download

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