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A New Approach To The Ramayana Book PDF Free Download

A New Approach To The Ramayana Book PDF Free Download

A New Approach To The Ramayana

From ancient times to the present day the glory of Rama has been sung by many, and they are all poets of no mean order.

Their books are widely read in India, not so much for the enjoyment of aesthetic pleasure, as with a view to the enhancement of spiritual merit.

The Adikávya of Valmiki, the Adhyatma of Vyasa, the Rama-Charita Manasa of Tulasidasa, the Rama-Vijaya of Sridhara.

And the like are believed to be divinely inspired and to radiate blissful influence through their words; hence they are daily recited in families and in assemblies with intense devotional fervor.

Thus the story of Rāma is already too familiar to young and old alike to need elaboration or elucidation. I am well aware of it, and my only apology for choosing.

So commonplace a theme is that since the conventional manner in which it has been treated so far by pious authors, fails to carry conviction to the skeptical mind of today.

And since the uncharitable way in which it has been dissected by critical scholars,* shocks the susceptibilities of a devout heart.

One may without irreverence deal with it from a rationalization standpoint and study the doings of Rama, not as the Supreme Being.

But as a human hero, divested of all the supernatural powers which his votaries have ascribed to him, Without meaning any slur on the theory of Divine Incarnation.

I should like to point out that those who have accepted it as the basis of their treatment of the subject, have unfortunately lost sight of the simple fact that if.

AuthorN R Navlekar
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A New Approach To The Ramayana Book PDF Free Download

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