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Quantum CAT By Sarvesh Kumar

First of all 1 would like to mention that this chapter is deliberately written to promote your interest in CAT preparation in a systematic approach which will lay a strong foundation.

Since this chapter subsumes fundamentals of calculation techniques along with Various number systems besides basic tenets of maths, hence it is named Fundamentals.

Again since most of the problems (ie., 20-40%) in the CAT paper (viz, QA section) belong to this chapter alone hence it becomes inevitable 16 discusses the nuances and subtleties of the various concepts objectively and comprehensively.

That’s why this chapter has become very bulky too.

In your own interest, it would be better to adhere to my advice and stipulations stated at appropriate places in this chapter even throughout the book.

As per my own experiences, there are basically three stages in the solution of a problem and each of the stages has its own contribution.

The following diagrams illustrate the importance of each stage.

Comprehending the Making flowchart Speed calculation

idea-structure of the solution to the problem simultaneously 30%

70% problem solved

100% problem solved

If any of the three above mentioned activities is botched up then you are prone to failure.

Hence, it is obvious that speed calculation invariably enhances your rate of success in CAT and most importantly it eliminates the stress and anxiety to ensconce you in your own comfort zone.

Remember that you can succeed only when you operate in your comfort zone else it turns out to be a challenge.

Due to the above-mentioned reasons, it is imperative to become handy in the quick calculation which is required in Di too.

The latter part, even a major section, of the chapter is devoted to numbers, their kinds, operations and behaviour in the mathematical milieu.

You are supposed not to skip a bit of it since every bit and every concept is equally important.

It is advised that you should make the flow chart of the solution while reading, since going back to the problem several times means irritation and a waste of invaluable time.

Also, you should try to solve the maximum no. of problems without pencil and paper since it makes you a quick respondent and saves a lot of time.

Finally, avoid the rote method of learning in maths instead be inquisitive and explorer to gain an advantage.

The bottom line is that perceive logic and apply logic since it is logical.



Multiplication is nothing but the shortest method of addition.

In day-to-day life when we have to add up the same quantity many times, so we multiply the given number by the number of times to which the given number is to be added repeatedly eg..

3+3+3+3+3+3+3 can be added seven times but to get quick results we just multiply & by Hence, we get 3 x 7=21.

Thus, I am sure that now you must have become aware of that how much important is the multiplication table.

So I hope that you will learn the multiplication table Now, I would like to suggest that in competitive exams like CAT, where speed and accuracy are totally indispensable.

So there are some novel and enticing techniques for multiplication given in this chapter.

But in some techniques, you have to know the square of some relevant numbers, normally the squares of 1 to 100.

Last but not least you don’t need to bother about it since I have some very innovative techniques to learn and calculate the squares very readily.

Even most of the time you do need not to use a pencil and paper for this work and that’s my purpose.

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Sarvesh K Verma CAT Book PDF Free Download

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