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Piano For Beginners 6th Edition Pdf Free Download

Piano For Beginners 6th Edition


It is important to sit correctly at the piano otherwise you may develop back problems.

Sit facing the middle of the keyboard making sure that you are sitting straight but relaxed.

If you feel uncomfortable, lean slightly forward. Adjust your piano stool so that your arms are an inch or so above the keyboard.

Make sure your feet are flat on the floor- the right foot may be slightly forward.

Hand Position

Correct hand position Curve the fingers so that the top of the finger plays the key by falling directly from above.

Imagine you are holding a small object in the hollow of your hand as you play and keep your wrist in line with your arm.

Place the thumb tip near the tip of the forefinger to form a sort of O. Keep your nails short! Incorrect hand position
Don’t play with flat fingers –

if you do, your hand will not be flexible and you will never be able to play anything fast or expressively.

Although the fingers should be directly above the keys, make sure that you touch only the key that is being played.

Try not to look at your hands as you play.

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Piano For Beginners 6th Edition Pdf Free Download

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