Panchatantra: Crows And Owls Stories PDF

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Panchatantra: Crows And Owls Stories Book PDF Free Download

Panchatantra: Crows And Owls Stories

The Panchatantra is essentially connected with one of the branches of science known to us as the ‘Nitishastra in Sanskrit, which means A book-wise conduct in life.

It attempts to teach us how to understand people, how to choose reliable and trustworthy friends.

How to meet difficulties and solve problems through tact and wisdent and how to live in peace and harmony in the face of hypocrisy, deceit, and the stany pitfalls in life.

The Panchatantra is woven around the frame of a tale of a king who entrusts his three dull sons to a learned man, a Brahmin, called Pandit Vishnu Sharma, to enlighten their minds within six months.

The Brahma proposes to widely them and takes them to his ashrama hermitage.

There he recites to them his specially composed tales divided into five tantras in Sanskrit Pancha means five and ‘tantra’ means systems or parts on how to deal with people in life.

The Panchatantra is a rare book for in no book can one find philosophy, psychology, politics, music astronomy, human rela Hons, etc all discussed together in such a simple yet elegant style.

This is exactly what Pandit Vishnu Sharma had in mind to give as much knowledge to the princes in as uncomplicated a manner as possible.

And no doubt not only the princes but also millions of listeners and readers in the last 2,200 years have benefited from his most unique book.

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