Nachiketa And Other Stories By Amar Chitra Katha

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The three stories depicted here are from the Upanishads. The Upanishads are also called Vedanta or the end of the Veda” because they form the last branch of Vedic literature and because one finds in them the final aim of the Vedas-that of self-realization.

The word Upanishad literally means “to sit down by someone”. This throws light on the system of education prevalent in ancient India.

When a pupil approached a guru to seek instruction from him, the guru would decide what to teach after assessing his receptivity. Thus, in the first story, Yama tests Nachiketa before giving him further instruction.

In the Vedic period, learning was achieved by direct experience rather than by verbal instruction. Nature was the teacher, as we find in the story of Satyakama.

Even when verbal instruction was imparted, it was kept to the barest minimum. Prajapati, in our third story, utters, as instruction a single syllable-“DA”.

Obviously, the teachers of the Vedic age did not believe in long discourses! And what the teacher said was understood and inter sorted differently by each pupil in the light of his own experience.

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Nachiketa And Other Stories Book PDF Free Download

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