Now That You’re Rich PDF: Let’s fall in Love!

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Now That You’re Rich: Let’s Fall In Love Book PDF Free Download

Now That You’re Rich: Let’s Fall In Love Book PDF Free Download

Now That You’re Rich

I have always been terrible with secrets and stories that are never meant to be told or passed on.

A very feminine trait, I know. But then, stories are meant to be told, aren’t they?

Lazing on my cozy couch today, with a laptop on my lap, I can’t help but recall a story that I have told a million times,

no matter how many times I have been asked to shut up But I find no reasons as to why I shouldn’t pin this one down and entertain a few souls while irritating a few others. What the heck! I will write it.

This one, I think, has all the elements: a guy with a Porsche, a girl lost in love, selfish parents, loving siblings, a love scene on a thirteenth-floor terrace, lecherous seniors,

blackmail, life-altering videos, hideous bosses, infinitely sexy co-workers, drunk guys professing undying love, and last but not the least… definitely not the least… money.

Fifty years after you get married, you find women with no grey hair desirable, you find women who are not obese attractive;

whoever that woman might be, she won’t be your wife. The girl you’re in love with today, the girl who you think is smart and interesting and pretty,

will be the one who will make you feel your skull is being clawed open with Wolverine paws.

Love is often blind, and it blinds you short-term and makes you overlook what time changes.

Love makes the world go round. But money buys the tickets. Maybe, love lasts a lifetime. Money lasts longer.

It pays for the funeral, too Falling in love is easy.

Choose the sweet guy who sits next to you in class and flutter your eyelashes at him, or pick the girl who does as much as talk to you, exchange numbers,

be her wake-up call in the morning, send sweet text messages telling him or her how much they meant to you, and BAM! You are in Love.

AuthorDurjoy Datta
Manvi Ahuja
PDF Size1 MB


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Now That You’re Rich: Let’s Fall In Love Book PDF Free Download

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