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WHO was Hitler? The history of his political career is abun dantly documented and we cannot escape from its terrible effects.

A whole generation may well be named in history after him and we shall speak of the Age of Hitler as we speak of the Age of Napoleon or the Age of Charlemagne.

And yet, for all the harsh obviousness of its imprint on the world, how elusive his character remains!

What he did is clear; every detail of his political activity is now-thanks to a seizure and exploita tion of documents unparalleled in history-historically estab lished;

his daily life and personal behavior have been examined and exposed.

But still, when asked not what he did but how he did it, or rather how he was able to do it, historians evade the question, sliding away behind unplausible answers.

To the Marxists-most old-fashioned of all-he was simply a pawn, the creature of dying capitalism in its last stages.

Others have seen him as a charlatan profiting by a series of accidents, a consummate actor and hypocrite,

a sly, cheating peasant, or a hypnotist who seduced the wits of men by a sorcerer’s charms,

Even Sir Lewis Namier endorses the account of him given by a disgusted German official as a mere illiterate. illogical, unsystematic bluffer and smarterer.

Even Mr. Bullock seems content to regard him as a diabolical adventurer ani mated solely by an unlimited lust for personal power.

And yet. we may object, could a mere adventurer, a shifty, scatter brained charlatan. have done what Hitler did, who, starting from nothing,

a solitary plebeian in a great cosmopolitan city. survived and commanded all the dark forces he had mobilised and, by commanding them,

nearly conquered the whole world? So we ask, but we seldom receive an answer the historians have turned away,

and like antique heroes we only know that we have been talking with the immortals from the fact that they are no longer there.

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Hitler’s Table Talk PDF Free Download

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