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Netball Rules

  1. Squad and team players
    The first list in the 10 Major Rules of Netball begins with the number of players allowed on a team. A full netball team has 7 positions to play on the court (there must be at least 5 players).
  2. Netball Equipment
    All players on a team must wear proper netball equipment including color-coded bibs. You should never play without proper indoor running shoes or court shoes.
  3. Starting the game
    The first center pass is determined by tossing a coin. The teams subsequently alternate center passes. At this point, all players should be in their starting positions.

The opposing center is free to move forward but they must all follow the footwork rule after the whistle. A player must make contact with the ball in the middle third ‘without delay of play’ to avoid being awarded a free pass.

  1. Court Zone Rules in Netball
    Offside: A player moving outside his own area (with or without the ball).
    More than a third: You cannot throw the ball over two cross lines without obstruction.
    Out of court: Occurs when the ball hits something outside the court.
    Throw-in returns the ball into play from outside the court line (within 3 seconds). Foot contact with the line is a foul throw. Players will have to stay in their designated area.
  2. Netball General Game Rules
    All players must play the ball to a teammate or score a goal (while standing) within three seconds. The rules of netball allow control of a ball by tossing it. But, there should be enough room for the third player between the hands of the thrower and the catcher.
  3. Netball Rules for Beginners: Footwork
    Players may receive the ball on one foot or two feet but are not allowed to jump or drag the landing foot. The rules allow no more than 1.5 steps of movement with the ball.
  4. Simple Rules of Netball Scoring
    Only the goal shooter or goal attacker can kick the ball and they must be inside the goal circle to score a goal. To score a goal, the ball must fall completely into the hoop.
  1. 5 Laws of Netball Regulations
    10 RULES OF NETBALL FOR KIDS AND BEGINNERS You can’t travel with the ball.
    You may not knock or knock the ball out of a player’s hand. [see contact rules].
    You must stand 3 feet away from the person with the ball (while on guard).
    You cannot hold the ball for more than 3 seconds.
    Threatening of any kind is regulated in the same way as the obstruction rule.
  2. Basic Rules of Netball Officials
    The responsibilities of a netball umpire include:

Complete the pre-game inspection.
Observe the dimensions of the court and goalposts.
The scrutiny of the scorecard has been completed.
Make sure players are wearing proper uniforms.
Check each player for long fingernails or sharp jewelry.
Confirm that the match ball is regulation size.
The officials are part of the standard UK netball rules. They should place the timekeeper, scorer, and team benches in their proper positions.

  1. How to win matches in netball
    The final addition to these 10 rules of netball is appropriately named ‘How to Win the Game’. If you score more points than your opponent in 60 minutes of regulation play (4 x 15-minute quarters) – you win!
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Netball Rules PDF Free Download

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