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NCC Red Book

  1. NCC plays a vital role in the growth and development of the country by grooming its most precious
    resource, the youth. In order to attain our national goals it is imperative that our training encapsulates
    and embeds the qualities and attributes of our cadets.
  2. For NCC cadets, Camps are the most exciting and meaningful part of training, wherein
    cadets get exposure to the merits of NCC. Camps are organized at various levels i.e. Unit, Group
    HQ, Directorate, and Republic Day (RD) Camp. These Camps serve to motivate young students.
    NCC must conduct the Camps in an ingenious, pragmatic, transparent, flawless, and efficient
    manner at all levels. A large number of dignitaries visit NCC Republic Day Camp an annual event
    for the NCC Cadets held at HQ DG NCC Camp at Delhi Cantonment. During this Camp Inter
    Directorate Competitions are conducted which contribute towards the award of the prestigious Republic
    Day Banner. For such a prestigious Camp it is a must that modalities for the conduct of the competition
    be well-defined. This book has been compiled into two volumes to achieve this aim.
  3. Volume I of Standing Instructions lays down the detailed organization of RD Camp, norms
    of administration, and details of training to be carried out during RD Camp. The duties of NCC
    Directorates, Camp Appointments, Officers & Cadets have been worked out based on experience
    and good practices.
  4. Volume II of Standing Instructions lays down detailed rules for the conduct of all Inter Directorate
    Competitions in NCC.
  5. While the last edition of Volume I was published in 1994, Volume II was issued in 2010.
    Various changes & modifications have been done due to environmental realities, feedback received
    & aspirations of the cadets, which yielded positive dynamism in the organization. There was a felt
    need to compile these modifications and produce an updated Standing Instruction (Red Book).
  6. I am confident that this new edition of Red Book will serve to guide all in the conduct of
    competitions and make NCC Republic Day Camp a professionally executed event.
    Jai Hind

Subject Page No
Part I General 3
Part II Preparation for the Camp and Charter of Duties 6
Part III –Camp Staff 7
Part IV Directorate RD Contingents 8
Part V- Discipline and Security 14
Part VI – Communications 18
Part VII – Miscellaneous 20
Appendix A – Responsibility, coord and Conduct of Major Events 22
Appendix B – SOP: Camp Inauguration 23
Appendix C – SOP: Visit of Dignitaries 26
Appendix D – SOP: Tea Reception at official residences of Service Chiefs & DG NCC 28
Appendix E – SOP: Reception at Rashtrapati Bhawan 29
Appendix F – Camp Routine 33
Appendix G – Composition and Duties of NCC Republic Day Camp Standing 34
Appendix H – Responsibilities of various Dates, Appointments at NCC RDC 37
Appendix J – List of Contingent Stores, Equipment to be brought by 52
Contingents & Cadets
Appendix K – Sequence of actions on arrival at RD Camp & Duties of 57
Contingent Commanders
Appendix L – SOP for Reception, Ushering, and seating arrangement for Functions 61
connected with NCC RD Camp, PMs Rally, Cultural Shows, And Horse Show

Language English
No. of Pages306
PDF Size20 MB

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NCC Red Book PDF Free Download

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