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Narrative Discourse: An Essay In Method

The sovereignty and goodness of God, along with the faithfulness of his promises, is a story of the captivity and restoration of Smt.

Mary Rowlandson, commended by him, for all who desire to know the works of the Lord and his dealings with him. Especially to our dear children and relatives.

The second addition [sic] was corrected and amended. Written in my own hand for my own private use, and now by the earnest desire of some friends and for the benefit of the afflicted it is made public.

Deut. 32.39. Now see that I am that, and there is no god with me; I kill, and I revive, I injure, and I heal, and no one can save from My hand.

On the tenth of February 1675, a large number of Indians came upon Lancaster: their first arrival was at sunrise.

We looked outside when we heard some gunshots; Many houses were burning and the smoke reached to heaven.

Five persons were housed in one house; The father, and the mother, and the suckling child, they struck on the head; They took the remaining two alive.

There were two others, who are out of their post on some occasion; One was hit on the head, the other fled.

There was another man running who was shot and wounded and fell; He begged them for his life.

Promising his money (as they told me) but they did not listen to him, but struck him on the head, and stripped him naked, and tore his bowels.

Another, seeing many Indians near his barn, took courage and went out, but was immediately shot down.

Three other men from the same garrison were also killed; Indians climbing onto the roof of the barn had the advantage of firing on them during their fortifications.

In this way, these killer beasts kept burning and getting destroyed in front of them.

Since Janet’s presentation and Jane Levin’s translation are admirably clear, there is no need to outline the book’s argument, and one can present it simply by pointing out several key areas of interest.

Approach An important and fundamental proposition is based on the traditional notion of attitude.

Most theorists, argues Janet, have failed to properly distinguish between “mood and voice”, that is, between the question of who is the character whose point of view orients the narrative perspective?

and the very different question of who is the narrator?” Thus, if a story is told from the point of view of a particular character (or, in Janet’s words, centred through that character), the question arises as to whether it Whether the character is also the narrator, speaking in the first person, or whether the narrator is someone else who speaks about him in the third person is not a question of point of view, which is the same in both cases, but a question of voice.

And conversely, in what is traditionally called a first-person narrative, the point of view may differ, depending on whether the events are perceived through the narrator’s consciousness at the time of narration or through his or her vision at some point in the past.

concentrated through consciousness. Happened.

Emphasizing the distinction between narrative and focus is a major modification of the approach theory.

focalization. The notion of focussing itself gives rise to some interesting problems.

One commentator, Mikke Ball, has argued persuasively that Gennett uses focalization to cover two cases that are so different that to treat them as variants of the same phenomenon is to undermine his important new concept.

4 In what Janet calls internal centralization, the narrative is centered through the consciousness of a single character,

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Narrative Discourse PDF Free Download

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