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Our country India became free from the slavery of 200 years of British on 15th August 1947. Independence is about to complete 75 years. On this occasion, the entire country is celebrating the Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav.

Through Azadi ka, Amrit Mahotsav India is celebrating the glorious history of its people, culture, and achievements.

After 25 years, in the year 2047, it will be 100 years since the country got independence. In the coming 25 years the “Amrit Kaal” for the country.

The goal of this “Amrit Kaal” is to build an India that has all the modern infrastructure of the world. Our country in 2047 will be what we create today. I would share my vision for India in 2047.

My Vision For India In 2047 The India of my vision is where women are safe and walk freely on the road. Also, it will be a place where there is freedom of equality for all and everyone. It would be a place where there is no discrimination of caste, color, gender, social or economic status, and race.

I see it as a place that sees an abundance of development and growth. It is my vision that India would be self-sufficient in food and the women of India of 2047 as empowered. Who has equal rights with men, with whom there is no discrimination in the Job? Poor children should get an education.

There should be no continued to be the land of peace. Although the country is on the path of continuous development for the last 75 years, in the coming 25 years, we Indians will have to become as powerful as we were ever before.

With regard to the year 2047, we have to set a target that after completing 100 years of independence, where do we see India?

I envision India as the most advanced country in the medical sciences and defense industry. My Country produces weapons that could neutralize any nuclear missiles fired toward it.

The infrastructure of the world, so that we keep on navigating the path of development. So now it is the duty of all of us to get involved in rebuilding the new India of our dreams.

Don’t delay any longer. Today, celebrating 75 years of independence, every India is dreaming of a new India. An India that is fully developed, where every youth has employment, and where no one is dying of poverty and starvation.

Like everyone, I also see the India of 2047 as a corruption-free India. I see that in 2047 there is no hatred in the name of caste and religion in the country.

In 2047, every girl who walks the streets of India is absolutely safe. Today India is not dependent on any other country in any field. I envision the Indian economy as the most established and developed economy in the world. I envision all the major cities of my country turning into fully developed cities.

I see the women of India of 2047 as empowered, who have equal rights with men, with whom there is no discrimination in the job.

I see medical facilities in India as easily accessible to the general public. It is my vision that every child in India will be educated in 2047, which will definitely be meaningful. for this, we all should start making efforts from now on. We need to forget our differences and move forward.

If we make efforts with unity, then India will definitely become self-reliant, and by 2047, the title of Vishwaguru will definitely be in its name.

The India of my vision is one where women are safe and walk freely on the road, where no discrimination of caste, color, gender, or social or economic status.

I want to see India in 2047 as an ideal country that shines like a Kohinoor in all countries. These are just a few of the glimpses of the Vision 2047 I have for India.

We all should work together to achieve it in the next 25 years. Then India will definitely become self-reliant. “India will be a developed economy, On the basis of love and harmony.” “Everywhere is happiness, People love each other India free of hunger & fear, It Is the vision of my India 2057“.

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My Vision For India In 2047 Book PDF Free Download

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