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MSCIT Exam Questions Answers PDF Free Download

MSCIT Exam Questions Answers

MSCIT Objective Questions Answers for Practice in PDF are as follows:

1. Which of the following is the function of the operating system?

A. Managing Resources     B. Providing User Interface     C. Running Applications     D. All of these

Correct Answer: All of these

2. Output of an image on the monitor screen is often called ______.

A. Soft Copy     B. Hard Copy     C. Print Copy     D. None of these

Correct Answer: Soft Copy

3. Which of the following is the primary memory?

A. Hard Disk     B. RAM     C. Floppy     D. Icon

Correct Answer: RAM

4. The .com indicated website _______ type of organization.

A. Company     B. Cargo      C. Commercial     D. Complex

Correct Answer: Commercial

5. Popular Network Operating systems include all of the following except ______.

A. Netware     B. Windows NT Server     C. Windows XP     D. Microsoft DOS

Correct Answer: Microsoft DOS

6. Process of copying information to your computer from a specially configured FTP server is called ______.

A. Downloading     B. Uploading     C. Restoring     D. Deleting

Correct Answer: Downloading

7. _________  is the transmission of an electronic message over the internet.

A. Virus     B. Email     C. Windows Explorer     D. Microsoft Access

Correct Answer: Email

8. A Dialogue box is a special type of window that asks you a question, allows you to select an option to perform a task or provides you with information.


Correct Answer: TRUE

9. The most frequently used output device is _________.

A. Plotter     B. Mouse     C. Scanner     D. Monitor

Correct Answer: Monitor

10. Email includes which basic elements from the following ________.

A. Signature, Bookmark, Message

B. Bookmark, Header, Signature

C. Message, Bookmark, Signature

D. Header, Message, Signature

Correct Answer: Header, Message, Signature

11. Graphic programs widely used in the graphic art profession include______.

A. Image Editor     B. Desktop Publishing Program     C. Mega media Programs    D. None of these

Correct Answer: Desktop Publishing Program

12. The program that automatically starts and operates as a part of our browser is called ______.

A. Plugins     B. Message     C. Signature     D. Bookmark

Correct Answer: Plugins

13. Microprocessor has two basic components _______.

A. Central and Logic Unit     B. Control and Arithmetic Logic Unit     C. Slot     D. Sound Unit

Correct Answer: Control and Arithmetic Logic Unit

14. GUI stands for ______.

A. Graphical User Interface     B. Greate User Interface     C. Graphical Union Interface      D. Graphical User Interest

Correct Answer: Graphical User Interface

15. Booting is the ability of an operating system to run more than one application at a time.


Correct Answer: FALSE

16. If you receive one file through the internet having the virus, what do you select if you want to remove virus?

A. Disk Cleanup     B. Norton      C. Uninstall       D. File Cleanup

Correct Answer: Norton

17. _______ is a 16-bit code designed to support internationals like Chinese and Japanese.

A. Unicode     B. EBCDIC     C. ASCII      D. Digital

Correct Answer: Unicode

18. UNIX is an open-source operating system that is an alternative to Windows.

A. Linux     B. Mountain Lion    C. Lion      D. Windows

Correct Answer: Linux

19. The extensions .gov, .edu, and .net are called ______.

A. Mail Addresses      B. Email Targets      C. Domain Codes       D. DNS

Correct Answer: Domain Codes

20. ______ is controlled by a mouse and changes shape depending on its current function.

A. Icon      B. Menus     C. Help      D. Pointer

Correct Answer: Pointer

21. The series of dots that forms the image on the monitor is called ______.

A. Picas      B. Bits     C. Pixels       D. Bytes

Correct Answer: Pixels

22. All of the following are commonly used units of measurement to describe memory capacity except ______.

A. MB      B. NB     C. GB      D. TB

Correct Answer: NB

23. Headphone is a put Device.

A. TRUE       B. FALSE

Correct Answer: TRUE

24. Type of software that can be described as “end user” Software ______.

A. DOS     B. System software      C. Application software      D. Operation Software

Correct Answer: Application software

25. System Software includes ______.

A. Operating systems      B. Drivers       C. Utilities      D. All of these

Correct Answer: All of these

26. Personal Digital Assistants PDA is the most widely used handheld computer.

A. TRUE        B. FALSE

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MSCIT Exam Questions Answers PDF Free Download

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