101 Defence Items List PDF

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101 Defence Items List

In recent times, in the wake of border skirmishes with Chinese troops and to fortify India’s borders against a rise in infiltration from Pakistan, India has stepped up domestic and foreign purchases of arms.

India spends billions of dollars in the defense sector to strengthen its armed forces and protect its territory. As we know, the Indian Army is the largest standing army in the world with a strength of around 1.4 million.

India is one of the world’s largest importers of arms and ammunition. In 2019, the government finalized a road map to spend $130 billion to modernize the armed forces and enhance capabilities to combat effectively.

The challenge is from neighboring countries like Pakistan and China. The plan includes the acquisition of various types of weapons and armaments including missiles, warships, drones, fighter jets, surveillance equipment, and the creation of architecture for artificial intelligence.

intelligence. The Indian Army is modernizing itself at a constant pace. The Indian Army has made efforts to restructure and optimize its manpower over the past year to make more finance available for procurement.

The recent Basic Exchange and Cooperation Agreement for Geospatial Cooperation (BECA) deal between India and the US in Delhi on October 27, 2020, shows that the Indian government has always been keen to digitize military applications. There are broadly four important aspects in the area of battlefield digitization, which in military parlance is called network-centric warfare.

These are information sharing, improved situational awareness, speed of command, and enhanced mission effectiveness. It is characterized by aspects of reconnaissance, surveillance, and target acquisition.

Indian Army is taking necessary steps towards the process of digitization. On May 12, 2020, Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has given a call for Atmanirbhar Bharat based on five pillars, i.e. economy, infrastructure, system, demography, and demand, and has announced a special economic package for Atmanirbhar. India was named ‘Self-reliant India’. After our Honorable Prime Minister’s call for “Vocal”

List of 101 banned items

S.No.Name of Platform/ Weapon/ System/ EquipmentIndicative Year (Import Embargo)
1120mm Fin Stabilised Armour Piercing Discarding Sabot (FSAPDS) Mark II AmmunitionDecember 2020
27.62 x 51 Sniper RifleDecember 2020
3Tracked Self-propelled (SP) Gun (155mm x 52 Cal)December 2020
4Towed Artillery Gun (155mm x 52 Cal)December 2020
5Short Range Surface to Air Missiles (Land Variant)December 2020
6Shipborne Cruise MissilesDecember 2020
7Multi Barrel Rocket Launcher (MBRL) (Pinaka Variant)December 2020
8Simulators Presenting Smart Ranges and Multi-Functional TargetsDecember 2020
9Battalion Support Weapons SimulatorsDecember 2020
10Container-based Simulators for Live Fire TrainingDecember 2020
11Tailor-made Simulators for Counter Insurgency (CI) / Counter-Terrorism (CT) based TrainingDecember 2020
12Force-on-force Live Tactical Simulators / Infantry WeaponDecember 2020
13Tank Simulators (Driving, as well as, crew gunnery)December 2020
14155mm / 39 Cal Ultra-Light HowitzerDecember 2020
15Successor of Flycatcher & Upgraded Super Fledermaus (USFM) / Air Defence Fire Control Radar (ADFCR)December 2020
16Component Level Repair Facility for Tank T-90December 2020
17Shipborne Close-in Weapon SystemDecember 2020
18BulletProof JacketsDecember 2020
19Ballistic HelmetsDecember 2020
20Missile DestroyersDecember 2020
21Multi-purpose VesselDecember 2020
22Offshore Patrol VesselDecember 2020
23Next-Generation Missile VesselsDecember 2020
24Anti-Submarine Warfare Shallow Water CraftsDecember 2020
25Water Jet Fast Attack CraftDecember 2020
26Ammunition BargesDecember 2020
2750 Ton Bollard- Pull TugsDecember 2020
28Survey VesselsDecember 2020
29Floating DockDecember 2020
30Driving Support VesselsDecember 2020
31Pollution Control VesselsDecember 2020
32Anti-Submarine Rocket LaunchersDecember 2020
33Shipborne Medium-Range GunDecember 2020
34Torpedo Tube Launcher for Light Weight TorpedoesDecember 2020
35Magneto-Rheological Anti Vibration Mounts December 2020
36All Variants of Depth ChargesDecember 2020
37Shipborne Sonar System for Large ShipsDecember 2020
38Hull Mounted Submarine SonarDecember 2020
39Short Range Maritime Reconnaissance AircraftDecember 2020
40Anti-Submarine RocketDecember 2020
41Chaff RocketsDecember 2020
42Chaff Rocket LauncherDecember 2020
43Integrated Ship’s Bridge SystemDecember 2020
44Light Combat Aircraft (LCA) MK I A – Enhanced Indigenised ContentDecember 2020
45Light Combat HelicoptersDecember 2020
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101 Defence Items List PDF Free Download

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