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Miss Nelson Is Missing

Narrator The kids in Room 207 have been misbehaving all day, as usual, for they are the worst-behaved class in the whole school. Paper planes are flying through the air and spitballs are stuck to the ceiling.
Miss Nelson Please, settle down.
Kid 1 No, we don’t want to!
Narrator He said, while making faces and getting
laughed at by the rest of the class.
Miss Nelson Everyone gathers around for story hour.
Kid 2 No, we want to go outside for recess!
Narrator She said, while standing on her head.
Miss Nelson, They refuse to cooperate with everything.
Something will have to be done!

Narrator The next morning, Miss Nelson did not come to school.
Kid 1 Wow! Now we can really act up!
Kid 2 Yeah, today let’s be just terrible!
Viola Swamp Not so fast!
The narrator Hissed in an unpleasant voice. A woman in an ugly black dress stood before them.
Viola Swamp I am your new teacher, Miss Viola Swamp.
Narrator, She said, as she rapped on the desk with her ruler.
Kid 1 Where is Miss Nelson?
Viola Swamp Never mind that! Open that arithmetic book!
Narrator The kids did as they were told.

They could see that Miss Swamp was a real witch.

She meant business! Right away she put them to work. And she loaded them down with homework.
Viola Swamp We’ll have no story hour today. Keep your mouths shut. Sit perfectly still, and if you misbehave, you’ll be sorry!
Narrator The kids in 207 had never worked so hard.
Days went by and there was no sign of Miss
Nelson. The kids missed Miss Nelson.
Kid 2 Maybe we should try to find her.

Narrator Some of them went to the police station where Detective McSmogg, who was assigned to the case, was of no help.

Other kids went to her house, where the shades were tightly drawn and no one answered the door. While they were there at the door, however, they spotted someone…

Kid 1 It’s Miss Swamp! If she sees us, she’ll give
us more homework. RUN!
Kid 2 Maybe something terrible happened to Miss Nelson! Maybe she was gobbled up by a shark!
Kid 1 Maybe Miss Nelson went to Mars!
Kid 2 I know! Maybe Miss Nelson’s car was carried off by a swarm of angry butterflies!
Narrator None of their answers seemed likely. The kids in Room 207 became very discouraged. It seemed as if Miss Nelson was never coming back. And they would be stuck with Miss Viola Swamp forever.

They sat disappointed in class as they heard footsteps coming down the hall Kid 1 Here comes the witch!
Miss Nelson Hello, children.

Narrator Someone said in a sweet voice. It was Miss Nelson.
Miss Nelson, Did you miss me?
Kid 2 We certainly did!

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Miss Nelson Is Missing PDF Free Download

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