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IN characterizing a society, whether ancient or modern, there are two elements, rather closely interconnected, which are of prime importance: one is the economic system, the other the family system.

There are at the present day two influential schools of thought, one of which derives everything from an economic source.

While the other derives everything from a family or sexual source, the former school that of Marx, the latter that of Freud.

I do not myself adhere to either school, since the interconnections of economics and sex do not appear to me to show any clear primacy of the one over the other from the point of view of causal efficacy.

For example, no doubt the industrial revolution has had and will have a profound influence upon sexual morals, but conversely.

The sexual virtue of the Puritans was psychologically necessary as a part cause of the industrial revolution.

I am not prepared to assign primacy to either the economic or the sexual factor, or in fact can they be separated with any clearness.

Economics is concerned essentially with obtaining food, but food is seldom wanted among human beings solely for the benefit of the individual who obtains it.

It system changes, economic motives also change must be obvious that not only life insurance but most forms of private saving would nearly cease.

If children were taken away from their parents and brought up by the State as in Plato’s Republic; that is to say, if the State were to adopt the role of the father, the State would, ipso facto, become the sole capitalist.

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Marriage And Morals Book PDF Free Download

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