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A Manual Of Ethics Book PDF Free Download

Moral Faith and Moral Insight

We live our lives, and we live a moral life. We have implicit faith in morality. We believe in right and wrong, good and evil.

But we do not reflect upon the nature of right and wrong. and their validity. We assume their validity and act upon thon.

This converts this moral failing into a rational insight. Ethics is the science of reflective morality.

It investigates the nature and validity of rightness and wrongness of human conduct with reference to the ideal of the Highest Good.

“That life is worth living, is the postulate of life itself; why it is worth living, is the question of Ethics as a science” Ethics converts moral faith into a rational insight.

The faith in a Supreme Good must remain as long as life continues. So the scientific effort to convert this faith into rational insight must also continue. Ethics ie theory of morality.

Definition of Ethics. The word Ethics’ is derived from the Greek adjective ethical which from the substantive ethos”.

“Ethos” means customs, usages, or habits. Ethics is also called ‘Moral Philosophy. The word “moral is derived from the Latin substantive mores which also means customs or habits.

Customs are not merely habitual ways of acting. They are ways approved by the group.

Thus literally ‘Ethics’ means the science of customs or habits of men. It is the silence of the habitual conduct of men, Habita is the expression of settled dispositions of the mind or character.

Character is the permanent habit of being willing. It is the inner bent of the mind. It is expressed in habitual conduct.

Thus Ethics is the science of habit or character. “Ethics discusses men’s habits and customs, or in other words, their characters.

The principles on which they habitually act, and considers what it is that constitutes the rightness or wrongness of those principles, the good or evil of those habits”.

This is the science of rightness and wrongness of conduct. It is the scions of morality. Conduct in the purposive nation.

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A Manual Of Ethics Book PDF Free Download

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