Kiran Makkar Speaking September To December 2023 PDF

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Makkar IELTS Speaking Sep to Dec Cue Card PDF Free Download

Topic Covered In This IELTS Study Material

Topic NumberTopic Description
1English class/lesson – What did the teacher do that made you enjoy it
2Difficult thing you did and succeeded- And how you felt about doing it?
3Difficult thing you did and succeeded- And how you feel about doing it?
4How important the cellphone/smartphone was
5 beautiful Objective – And explain why you find it particularly beautiful.
6Something that surprised you and made you happy – How you found out about it and what you did
7A photo you took and are proud of
8Problem while shopping online or in a store
9Seeing a lot of plastic waste in a location (in a park, on the beach)
10Search for information
11A person you know from a different culture – How you knew him/her
12A person you know from a different culture – How you know him/her
13Receiving money as a gift
14Favorite TV show
15A place for outdoor activities or sports
16A person who likes to grow plants – Why does he/she enjoy growing plants
17Disagreement with someone: Was the issue resolved? If yes, how?
18House/apartment of someone you know: what it looks like inside
19Or Describe a popular place of sports that you’ve been to
20a city you would recommend as a nice place to live (not your hometown)
21Someone asking for your opinion
22Missing an appointment
23A time when you were very busy
24Childhood friend
25Something you’ve shared with others or someone
26Interesting story or novel
27A movie you’d like to watch again
28Getting stuck in a traffic jam
29An invention that changed how people live
30Family member you’d like to work with in the future
31An important river or lake in your country/hometown
32The special event you celebrated
33Positive change in your life
34 Discuss The special event you celebrated
35Observing the stars
36 Discuss A plant, vegetable, or crop you’re familiar with
37A friend you like to talk with
38An interesting neighbor
39A competition you’d like to take part in
40Special day that wasn’t expensive
41Something that helps you concentrate
42Activity you do to keep fit
43Something that saves you time
44Something important you lost
45Interesting thing learned from a foreign culture
46Positive feedback for work you did
47A quiet place you like to spend time in
48A popular/well-known person in your country
49Helping a child
50Something that surprised you
51Losing something
52A creative person whose work you admire
53A difficult decision you once made
54Something broken in your home and repaired
55An ambition not yet achieved
56Successfully organizing a happy event
57Something received for free
58A famous person you’re interested in
59A childhood toy you liked
60Experience of changing schools/colleges
61Meeting someone once and wanting to know more
62New Year’s resolution
63A skill learned from older people
64A person you follow on social media
65Learning another language
66An impressive course
67An interesting song
68A special cake received from others
69An interesting conversation with a friend
70Visiting a place in a village
71A long walk you’ve had
72A gifted item of clothing
73A city you find very interesting
74A rule you don’t like
75Someone you enjoy spending time with
76Visiting a new place
77A house or apartment you’d like to live in
78Someone who contributes to society
79A memorable story someone told you
80A gift you’d like to buy for a friend
81Something you can’t live without (not mobile or computer)
82A person who impressed you in primary school
83Spending more than expected on an item
84An activity that usually wastes your time
85A difficult skill you learned
86Moving to a new home/school
87Feeling proud of a family member
88Getting up early
89An art or craft activity at school
90Someone who solved a problem in a smart way
91An exciting book you enjoy reading
92A cafe you like to visit
Language English
No. of Pages305
PDF Size10 MB

Makkar IELTS Speaking May to August 2023 PDF

Makkar IELTS Speaking Sep to Dec Cue Card PDF Free Download

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