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List of Chief Ministers of Maharashtra

The Chief Minister of Maharashtra is the head of the executive branch of the government of the Indian state of Maharashtra. After the Legislative Assembly elections, the Governor invites the majority party (or coalition) to form the government and appoints the Chief Minister.

If the appointee is not a member of the Legislative Assembly or Legislative Council of Maharashtra, the Constitution stipulates that they need to be elected within six months of taking the oath.

The office of the CM is concurrent with that of the concurrent assembly, provided the Chief Minister enjoys the confidence of the House and hence does not hold office for more than five years. However, it is not subject to any term limit.

Maharashtra was formed on 1 May 1960 by disintegrating Bombay State and Hyderabad State. Yashwantrao Chavan, who had served as the third CM of Bombay State since 1956, became the first CM of Maharashtra. He belonged to the Indian National Congress and held the position until the 1962 assembly elections.

Marotrao Kannamwar succeeded him and was the only Chief Minister to die while in office. Vasantrao Naik, who held the post for more than 11 years from December 1963 to February 1975, is the longest-serving CM so far.

He was the first and only CM to complete his full tenure of five years (1967–1972) until Devendra Fadnavis completed it (2014–2019). Barring Manohar Joshi (SS), Narayan Rane (SS), Devendra Fadnavis (BJP), Uddhav Thackeray (SS), and Eknath Shinde (SS), all other CMs have been from the Congress or breakaway parties.

So far, the President’s rule has been imposed in the state three times: first from February to June 1980 and again from September to October 2014. It was reinstated on 12 November 2019.

The current office bearer from 30 June 2022 is Eknath Shinde of Shiv Sena.

Sl.NoChief MinisterFromToParty Name
1Eknath Shinde30 Jun 2022PresentShiv-Sena
2Uddhav Thackeray28 Nov 201929 Jun 2022Shiv-Sena
3Devendra Fadnavis23 Nov 201926 Nov 2019BJP
4President’s rule12 Nov 201923 Nov 2019 
5Devendra Fadnavis31 Oct 201408 Nov 2019BJP
6President’s rule28 Sep 201430 Oct 2014N/A
7Prithviraj Chavan11 Nov 201026 Sep 2014INC
8Ashok Chavan07 Nov 200909 Nov 2010INC
9Ashok Chavan08 Dec 200815 Oct 2009INC
10Vilasrao Deshmukh01 Nov 200404 Dec 2008INC
11Sushilkumar Shinde18 Jan 200330 Oct 2004INC
12Vilasrao Deshmukh18 Oct 199916 Jan 2003INC
13Narayan Rane01 Feb 199917 Oct 1999Shiv-Sena (Sena-BJP)
14Manohar Joshi14 Mar 199531 Jan 1999Shiv-Sena (Sena-BJP)
15Sharad Pawar06 Mar 199314 Mar 1995INC
16Sudhakar Rao Naik25 Jun 199122 Feb 1993INC
17Sharad Pawar04 Mar 199025 Jun 1991INC
18Sharad Pawar26 Jun 198803 Mar 1990INC
19Shankarrao Chavan12 Mar 198626 Jun 1988INC
20Shivajirao Patil Nilangekar03 Jun 198506 Mar 1986INC
21Vasantdada Patil02 Feb 198301 Jun 1985INC
22Babasaheb Bhosale21 Jan 198201 Feb 1983INC
23Abdul Rehman Antulay09 Jun 198012 Jan 1982INC
24President’s rule17 Feb 198008 Jun 1980N/A
25Sharad Pawar18 Jul 197817 Feb 1980INC
26Vasantdada Patil05 Mar 197818 Jul 1978INC
27Vasantdada Patil17 May 197705 Mar 1978INC
28Shankarrao Chavan21 Feb 197516 May 1977INC
29Vasantrao Naik13 Mar 197220 Feb 1975INC
30Vasantrao Naik01 Mar 196713 Mar 1972INC
31Vasantrao Naik05 Dec 196301 Mar 1967INC
32P. K. Sawant25 Nov 196304 Dec 1963INC
33Marotrao Kannamwar20 Nov 196224 Nov 1963INC
34Yashwantrao Chavan01 May 196019 Nov 1962INC
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List of Chief Ministers of Maharashtra Book PDF Free Download


How many chief ministers are there in Maharashtra?

Out of 20 chief ministers till now

Who is CM 2022 Maharashtra?

Eknath Shinde sworn in as Maharashtra CM

Who is the current chief minister of Maharashtra?

Eknath Shinde

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