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To “Miaster Mahashay “


February 1888.

DEAR M., I thank you a hundred thousand times, Master! You have hit Ramakrishna in the right point.

Few, alas, few understand him!-Yours, VIVEKANANDA. P.S. My heart leaps with joy-and it is a wonder that I do not go mad when I find anybody thoroughly launched into the midst of the doctrine which is to shower peace on earth hereafter.

To Sj. Pramada Das Mitra


12th Aug., 1888.

DEAR SIR-Leaving Ayodhya, I have reached the holy Brindaban, and am putting up at Kala Babu’s Kunja.

In the town the mind feels contracted Places like Radha Kunda, I have heard, are delightful; but they are at some distance from the town.

I have a mind to proceed very shortly to Hardwar. In case you have any acquaintance there, you would be doing me a great favor if you kindly write to him an introduction for me.

What about your visiting this place? Please reply early and oblige.

Letters marked with an asterisk are translated from Bengali

Yours etc., VIVEKANANDA.

To The Same


20th Aug. 1888.

DEAR SIR-An aged brother-disciple of mine who has just come back to Brindaban after visiting Kedarnath and Badrinath met Gangadhar.

Twice did Gangadhar ascend up to Thibet and Bhutan. He is in great happiness and felt overwhelmed and wept at the meeting.

He spent the winter at Kankhal. The Karoa (water-pot) you gave him he still keeps with him. He is coming back and is expected at Brindaban this very month.

So in the hope of meeting him, I postpone my going to Hardwar for some days. Please convey my deepest respects to the Brahmin devotee of Shiva who keeps you company and accept the same yourself.

Yours etc., VIVEKANANDA.

AuthorSwami Vivekananda

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