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Praying To Get Results

always praying with full prayer in the spirit

There are different types of prayer, just as there are different types of games in sports, each with its own rules.

The rules that apply to baseball do not apply to football. If you tried to use the same rules, you would get confused.

Similarly, there are rules or spiritual laws that govern certain types of prayer, but do not apply to other types of prayer.

 We make the mistake of lumping all types of prayer together because if

If we take the rules governing one type of prayer and try to apply them to another type of prayer, we will not see the desired results.

Let’s look again at our text, Ephesians 6:18, as we look at God’s Word to see what kind of prayer results. Moffat’s translation reads,

 “…pray…with all kinds of prayer…” Another translation says, “pray with all kinds of prayer.

For example, some people think that every prayer should end with the words, “If it be Thy will.” They say that Jesus prayed like this.

 But Jesus didn't pray like this every time. When Jesus prayed at the tomb of Lazarus, he did not pray, "If it be your will." He said, "Father, I thank you that you have heard me" (John 11:41),

 Then he commanded Lazarus to come forward, and Lazarus came out.

This prayer was going to change the circumstances. When you pray for something to happen or circumstances to change, never pray for an “if.”

 If you do this you are using the wrong rule and it will not work.

The only type of prayer in which Jesus included an “if” was the prayer of submission and surrender.

The scripture that says, ‘Whatever you desire, when you pray, believe that you receive them, and you will have them’ (Mark 11:24) is talking about prayer of faith .

This is primarily an individual situation. It is related to your wishes. It is you who are praying; No one else is praying with you. It’s not someone else who agrees with you.

When you pray, you believe that you receive. If you do this, you will “get the things you want.”

You will get results! I can make it work for me, but I can’t always make it work for you. Your wish is included.

One person’s unbelief can nullify another person’s prayer of faith.

Infant Christians can usually be taken into the faith of a mature Christian, but after a certain period of time God expects them to develop their own prayer life and their own faith.

I have seen this demonstrated many times during my years in regional ministry. I used to teach in those church meetings
Mainly on faith and healing.

At the end of the meetings, we will allow time for questions and answers. One question asked again and again: “Why is it that when I was first saved, I was healed every time I prayed, but now I can never be healed?”

I would answer by saying that new Christians are like children. No one is born a fully developed Christian.

God wants us to grow and mature. We pity those who are physically deformed and have never been able to fully develop. We should have similar compassion towards those who are not spiritually developed.

You were a child when you were first saved. Naturally, the priest can lead you to your faith. were christian
Pray for those who will lead you, and their faith will work for you.

But after some time, God realized that you have the opportunity to grow, whether you grow up or not.

He said, “It’s time to put that big kid down and let him walk.” Then we really had a crying baby in our hands.

many people would still prefer to carry

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Praying To Get Results PDF Free Download

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