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Letters of Jane Austen Book PDF Free Download

A good daughter, a delightful sister, the most perfect of aunts, what better record could there be of a single woman?

Her literary work never stood in the way of her home duties, any more than her “quiet, limpid, unimpassioned style” stood between her thought and her readers.

Her fame may justly be said to be almost entirely posthumous. She was read and praised to a moderate degree during her lifetime.

But all her novels together brought her no more than seven hundred pounds; and her reputation, as it were, was in its close-sheathed bud when, at the early age of forty-one, she died.

It would have excited in her an amused incredulity, no doubt, had anyone predicted that two generations after her death the real recognition of her powers was to come.

Time, which like desert sands has effaced the footprints of so many promising authors, has, with her, served as the desert wind, to blow aside those dust of the commonplace which for a while concealed her true proportions.

She is loved more than she ever hoped to be and far more widely known.

Mrs. Ritchie tells somewhere an anecdote of a party of seven assembled at a dinner table, where the question arose of the locality of one of Miss Austen’s places,—Maple Grove.

The residence of Mr. Suckling if we are not mistaken,—and six of the persons present at once recognized the allusion, and had a formed opinion[x] on the subject.

The seventh was a Frenchman who did not read English!

Scott, Macaulay, Sir James Mackintosh, Miss Martineau, Mrs. Ritchie, Miss Mitford, and a host of others have vied in their generous tributes of admiration.

But most striking of all, to our thinking, is that paid to Miss Austen by Lord Tennyson when in some visit to Lyme not many years since those with him pointed out this and the other feature of the place only to be interrupted with—”Never mind all that.

Show me the exact spot where Louisa Musgrove fell!” Could non-historical verisimilitude go farther or mean more?

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Letters of Jane Austen Book PDF Free Download

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