Lal Pathlabs Price List PDF

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Dr.Lal Pathlabs Price List PDF Free Download

Lal Pathlabs Price List

Dr.Lal Pathlabs Price List

Late Dr. Major S.K. Lal, commenced the business of providing pathology services and maintaining a blood bank in the year 1949 through sole proprietorship M/s Central Clinical Laboratory and M/s Blood Bank Transfusion Centre.

The business of diagnostic and related healthcare tests and services now continues to be provided by our Company.

Company Information

Dr Lal PathLabs Ltd.

Regd. Office: Block E, Sector -18,
Rohini, New Delhi – 110085
CIN: L74899DL1995PLC065388
Tel: +91-124-3016-500
Fax: +91-124-4234-468

For any queries and grievances, please contact:

Mr. Vinay Gujral

Company Secretary & Compliance Officer

E-mail:[email protected]

Dr. Lal Pathlabs Test Price List
1.Lipid ProfileRs. 950
2.Liver FunctionRs. 780
3.Thyroid ProfileRs. 930
4.Complete Blood Count (CBC)Rs. 350
5.Diabetic ProfileRs. 1,170
6.Hba1cRs. 440
7.FT4Rs. 360
8.FT3Rs. 360
9.TSHRs. 370
10.CortisolRs. 550
11.Diabetic ProfileRs. 1,000
12.Calcium/SerumRs. 160
13.Chikungunya Virus antibodyRs. 600
14.Iron StudiesRs. 500
15.Kidpro (KFT)Rs. 780
16.FSH-LHRs. 950
17.Luteinizing Hormone (LH)Rs. 530
18.Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH)Rs. 530
19.Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG)Rs. 2350
20.Anti Hepatitis B Core Antigen (AHBC)Rs. 1100
21.Anti Hepatitis B Core Antigen TotalRs. 1100
22.Rheumatoid Factors (RF)Rs. 420
23.Malaria AntigenRs. 120
24.Serum ElectrolytesRs. 390
25.LipaseRs. 630
26.PSA ProfileRs. 1450
27.Free PSARs. 850
28.Vitamin D Total (25 OH)Rs. 1550
29.T4 FreeRs. 730
30.T3Rs. 360
31.FerritinRs. 690
32.HemogramRs. 420
33.Prolactin (PRL)/SerumRs. 520
34.HPLCRs. 950
35.AMHRs. 1,850
36.CA- 125Rs. 1200
37.AMA, IFARs. 1700
38.Beta HCG TotalRs. 650
39.CRPRs. 380
40.HBsAg QuantitativeRs. 1,390
41.E2 SerumRs. 590
43.FolateRs. 1150
44.Rubell IgMRs. 600
45.CEARs. 670
46.HSV IgM/ SerumRs. 620
47.CMVRs. 1,000
48.TTG IgARs. 1,000
49.Progesterone, SerumRs. 550
50.Rubella IgGRs. 580
51.ATPRs. 580
52.ASO TITRERs. 550
53.HSCRPRs. 750
54.FructosamineRs. 470
55.HBeAgRs. 900
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Dr.Lal Pathlabs Price List PDF Free Download

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