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The Ladies Book of Etiquette And Manual of Politeness Book PDF Free Download




THE art of conversation consists in the exercise of two fine qualities.

You must originate, and you must sympathize; you must possess at the same time the habit of communicating and of listening attentively.

The union is rare but irresistible. None but an excessively ill-bred person will allow her attention to wander from the person with whom she is conversing, and especially she will never,

while seeming to be entirely attentive to her companion, answer a remark or question made to another person, in another group.

Unless the conversation is general among a party of friends, confine your remarks and attention entirely to the person with whom you are conversing.

Steele says, “I would establish but one great general rule in conversation, which is this the people should not talk to please themselves, but those who hear them.

This would make them consider whether what they speak be worth hearing; whether there be either wit or sense in what they are about to say; and whether it be adapted to the time when, the place where, and the person to whom, it is spoken.”

Be careful in conversation to avoid topics that may be supposed to have any direct reference to events or circumstances which may be painful for your companion to hear discussed;

you may unintentionally start a subject that annoys or troubles the friend with whom you may be conversing; in that case,

do not stop abruptly, when you perceive that it causes pain, and, above all, do not make the matter worse by apologizing;

turn to another subject as soon as possible, and pay no attention to the agitation your unfortunate remark may have excited.

Many persons will, for the sake of appearing witty or smart, wound the feelings of another deeply; avoid this; it is not only ill-bred but cruel.

Remember that having all the talk sustained by one person is not conversation; do not engross all the attention yourself,

by refusing to allow another person an opportunity to speak, and also avoid the other extreme of total silence, or answering only in monosyllables.

If your companion relates an incident or tells a story, be very careful not to interrupt her with questions, even if you do not clearly understand her;

wait until she has finished her relation, and then ask any questions you may desire. There is nothing more annoying than to be so interrupted.

I have heard a story told to an impertinent listener, which ran in this way

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The Ladies Book of Etiquette And Manual of Politeness Book PDF Free Download

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