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Importance of Value Education PDF

Value Education: Need of the Hour

Mankind is passing through a crisis. The tremendous emphasis on the scientific and mechanical ways of life is fast reducing man to the status of a machine.

Moral and religious values are being undermined. The fundamental principles of civilization are being ignored.

Conflicts of ideas, manners, and habits are pervading the atmosphere. Disregarding everything old is the fashion of the day.

In this situation, the solution to all these social and global evils is through value education.

Emphasis should be laid on such education through which moral values can be developed among the students so that they can conduct their life morally.

They can decide what is right or wrong; what is good or evil; what is justice or injustice.

If we can make a student a good human being, the development of moral values within him is the prior task of education. They are the foundation of human existence.

They make our life meaningful. Due to the dearth of values in the present generation, the curriculum must give prominence to value education. Value education has never been out of style. It is very relevant in almost all fields concerning human activity.

We have outstanding doctors who are into organ robbery, brilliant engineers whose bridges collapse soon after their bills are passed, accountants who rob the government treasury by manipulation, civil servants who rule as emperors, and politicians with fake promises.

All of them are the best educated and trained but their intellectual dishonesty is horrifying. Hence, the need for the development of moral values is very significant. Some important needs have been mentioned below:

1. Preparing Our Children for Future Roles in Society: Knowledge gained in school is only one goal of education. The primary goal of education should be enabling students to gain knowledge and moral values. Our kids will need both in preparing themselves to be good parents and citizens in society.

2. Many Parents Aren’t Teaching Moral Values: If all parents were teaching their children moral values at home, it would not be necessary for the schools to do this work. The sad fact is that a lot of kids are not learning from their parents the difference between right and wrong. This is because most mothers and fathers in their busy work days spend only a few hours with their children. In many families there is only one parent and no other role models for kids to follow:

3. There is Too Much Violence and Dishonesty in Society: Every day students are exposed to violence, dishonesty, and other social problems in the media and the real world. How many times have we heard about school shootings? What about other times when students are caught cheating on exams? Then, too, we read about bullying in school and fights between gangs. If moral values were taught in schools, we would have fewer of these problems.

4. To Counter Bad Influences in Society: Unfortunately, many of the role models of young people are setting bad examples. These bad examples range from sexual promiscuity, degrading of women, advocacy of violence, and the condoning of dishonesty in order to succeed.

5. Moral Values Will Stick with You for Life: The significance of moral values in our life is very important. Moral values teach us what is right or wrong. Thus, we can conduct our life in the right direction. We can understand what is good or evil. This type of learning helps us to conduct our lives morally in this world.

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