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Food Nutrition and Hygiene

The term ‘food’ brings to our mind countless images. We think of items not only that we eat and drink but also how we eat them and the places and people with whom we eat and drink. Food plays an important role in our lives and is closely associated with our existence. It is probably one of the most important needs in our lives.

The food that we eat is composed of small units that provide nourishment to the body. These are required in varying amounts in different parts of the body for performing specific functions.

This means that good nutrition is essential for good health.

However, if our diet provides the important units in incorrect amounts, either very less or in excess of what is required, it results in an imbalance of nutrients in your body.

The condition is responsible for various deficiency diseases and slow or no growth of the body. In this lesson, you will learn about why food is essential, its functions, and its components.

You will also be introduced to the terms like ‘nutrition’ and ‘nutrients’. After learning the meaning of these terms, you will then learn the sources and functions of the nutrients and the amounts required by different individuals.


There are basically three important functions of food:

1. Social Function Food and eating have significant social meaning. Sharing food with any other person implies social acceptance. Food is also an integral part of festivity everywhere in the world.

Have you noticed that certain occasions such as the birth of a child or a marriage or birthdays are celebrated by having feasts and serving delicacies? Food also has a specific significance and meaning in the religious context.

2. Psychological Function We all have emotional needs, such as the need for security, love, and affection. Food is one way through which these needs are satisfied. For example, how do you feel when your mother prepares your favorite food or dish? You feel that she loves you and cares for you.

Food is often served as a reward also. Do you recall giving chocolate because someone had been good to you?

Similarly, certain foods become associated with sicknesses, such as khichri and bland foods.

Sickness is an unpleasant experience, hence, even the food items served during this state may be associated with unpleasant feelings.

3. Physiological Function There are three physiological functions performed by food. These are energy giving, bodybuilding, regulating body processes, and providing protection against diseases. Let us see them in detail.

(i) Food provides energy Everybody needs the energy to do work. Energy is required for walking, studying, eating, and working in the house or outside. You get this energy from the food that you eat.

You need energy even when you are resting. Can you tell me why?

Different organs inside your body are always working, for example, the heart is pumping blood, the stomach is digesting food, the lungs are breathing in air, etc. All these organs need energy for their respective functions and food provides that energy.

(ii) Food helps in bodybuilding Have you ever wondered how a small child grows into an adult? Our body is already made up of thousands of small cells.

New cells are added to these to help the body grow. Food is needed for the formation of new cells.

Cells also die or are damaged due to injury. New cells need to be formed and this repair work is done with the help of food.

(iii) Food regulates body processes and provides protection against diseases Regulatory functions refer to the role of food in controlling body processes, for example, our body temperature is maintained at 98.60 F or 370 C.

Similarly, the heartbeats are also maintained at 72 beats/minute. The excretion of waste products from the body is also regular.

If not, the body suffers from a disease called constipation which can lead to further complications. All these processes are regulated by the food that you eat.

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Food Nutrition and Hygiene Book PDF Free Download

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