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Idiomatic Sentences

A New Self Instructing Work on English Dialogues in Oriental and Roman Characters, adapted to tho wants of European Gentlemen, staying in this country, especially in Western India.

Who are desirous of acquiring a good practice as well as theoretical knowledge of the prevailing dialects of the place, have long been felt to be a great desideratum here, and have even impeded.

In a great measure, the progress of those who, as a matter of course, cannot afford to spare time to study the bulky and expensive Anglo-Oriental works, almost all of which are, by no means, applicable to Western India.

Under these discouraging circumstances, “the beginner, finding himself compelled, as it were, from the very portal of the house of knowledge.

Is too apt to shake the dust off his feet and abandon the inhospitable mansion altogether. ” To supply this deficiency, therefore, the present Polyglot Work which.

I may safely say, is the first of the kind in India, and which, I am “assured, will greatly soften the asperities of the rugged road, which leads to the requisition of those diets.

” Is now offered to the favourable consideration of the enlightened Public, who, I trust, will not be slow to accord that due encouragement.

Which will induce future attempts of the kind being still more successful. “In his last will and testament, he wrote several moral precepts.

In Persian verse, for the guidance of his sons, who are also well-known Munshis; a copy of which had been furnished to me, one of which couplets.

I beg to repeat to the audience, which is to the effect that Dosabhãi would wish to return his compliments to all those friends who had taken the trouble of attending his funeral at the Tower of Silence.

AuthorBahmanji Dosabhai Munshi
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Idioms And Phrases With Sentences Book PDF Free Download

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