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The idea of writing a comprehensive History of Bengal on modern scientific lines may be traced back to 1912 when Lord Carmichael.

The first Governor of the Bengal Presidency took the initiative and invited M. Haraprasad Sastri to prepare a scheme.

It was proposed to publish the history in three volumes dealing respectively with the Hindu, Muslim and British periods.

Several meetings were held in the Government House, Calcutta, but what became of this plan and how far it was matured are not definitely known.

Some years later, the late Raja Prafulla Nath Tagore, the grandson of the famous Kali Krishna Tagore, volunteered to pay.

The entire cost of such a publication and invited the late Mr. Rakhaldas Banerji to draw up a plan along with some other well-known scholars of his time.

Several meetings were held in the house of the Rajs, bet ultimately nothing came out of it Ever since the foundation of the University of Dacca.

It was felt that the University should take up the task of preparing a History of Bengal as early as practicable.

This idea received an impetus from Sir Jadunath Sarkar, who, in the course of a lecture delivered at the University about the middle of July 1933, emphasized that a History of Bengal on modern scientific lines was long overdue.

And that this University, standing as it does in the very heart of an ancient and important seat of Bengal culture, should in the fitness of things take up the work.

Sir Jadunath promised his whole-hearted support and active co-operation in this enterprise.

The scheme received a new impetus from Mr. (now Sir) A. F. Rahman, when he joined the University as Vice-Chancellor in July 1934.

In his first convocation address next month he emphasized the need of commencing the work, and in his second convocation speech, in July 1955, be announced that some preliminary work had already been done.

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History Of Bengal Book PDF Free Download

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