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The FACIAL massage consists of the manipulation of the flesh in such a manner that the tissues and muscles are stimulated and the surface circulation increases, so the ultimate effect strengthens and reinforces against the ravages of age and weather.

To accomplish these results both rubbing and kneading are necessary.

For the former movement the fingers must slip over the skin firmly and evenly, and at the same time must work the muscles below the surface

Before the beginning either process, the face must be washed, preferably with warm water, that the pores will be in a receptive condition for the soothing agent that is applied.

Generally, cold cream is best, but if there is prejudice against it an astringent lotion or plain rose water may be substituted.

The principal object is to use some emollient to prevent the fingers from sticking and bruising the skin.

Whatever application is chosen must be rubbed in large quantities over the flesh, and then the skin is in condition to treat.

Throughout this treatment it must be remembered that the object is to smooth as well as to strengthen the flesh; also that under no conditions must the muscles be pulled down.

As a rule, the rotary motion is best, which is merely rubbing in a circular fashion, making the upward sweep harder than the downward.

Cheeks, chin, nose, and temples require this stroke. The forehead should be smoothed if it is lined, otherwise it, too, will take the rotary treatment.

About the nose, rubbing is done up and down, working into a rotary movement with the tips of two fingers when the region about the eye is reached.

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Health And Beauty Hints Book PDF Free Download

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