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Classical Persian Hafiz Love Poetry PDF Free Download

Persian Love Poetry

What a delight Shīrāz is! How peerless
Her site and circumstance. Do not let her,
O God, decline and fall from grace.
… Come to Shīrāz, entreat for grace
Of the Spiritus Dei from her men
Of letters there, versed in the sciences

And yet, while Ḥāfiẓ did mention the city of Shīrāz and its human and natural beauties frequently in his poetry, the poet’s ‘real’ world lay elsewhere:

this terrestrial topography was but a pretext to celebrate and an allegory to catechize his reader about the wonders of Love’s metropolis.

Ḥāfiẓ’s real habitation was the Cité de l’amour, of which he claimed to be an eternal denizen, his beloved Shīrāz but its temporal place and local habitation on earth.

18 Ḥāfiẓ’s eleven references to the city of Shīrāz in his Dīvān, far from being literal descriptions of its local place and habitation,

as much depict the topography of the Mundus imaginalis of this cosmopolis of Eros as a figure as actual references to the city’s bordellos, pleasances, gardens, and taverns.

These references are not simply to a fun-loving ‘city full of love and erotic pleasures’, as certain historians’ imaginations fancifully project,

19 for in nearly all these references words such as ‘love’ (‘ishq) or beauty (ḥusn) hover amid the surrounding lines, encasing, in some cases replacing,

the city’s physical geography with Love’s supra-terrestrial utopia and ambiance.20 This romanticization of urban centers was an integral aesthetic dimension of the Persian love-lyric – ghazal – itself,

found in many major classical Persian poets.21 Thus, Khāqānī vaunted ‘Here and in Damascus is the scale of Love [dimashq-i ‘āshiqī].

Of Damascus cease to boast for love’s a scale without the need of gold’,22 and Rūmī celebrated the ‘Damascus of Love’ (dimashq-i‘ishq),

23 and Kamāl Khujandī boasted that Tabrīz is ‘but half a league away from Paradise,24 just as ‘Ubayd Zākānī.

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Hafiz and the Religion of Love in Classical Persian Poetry PDF Free Download

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