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For this generation, the search for values before and behind civilization became an ecological survival technique” in deadly earnest;

and (also for the first time in recent history) there were tools other than Fancy available to the task, in modern anthropology and depth psychology.

When Snyder defies at least fifty years of taste by calling Rousseau’s Noble Savage “one of the most remarkable intuitions in Western thought (p. 120), his choice of words is worth pon.

dering what was once considered a myth, whether appealing or noxious, is now seen as an inspired scientific hypothesis, opening new areas of exploration and discovery.

If “to transcend the ego is to go beyond society as well, we might well begin our stylistic consideration with the “T” of the poet. The poets we have been concerned with up to this point-Lowell, Berry man, even Hath-intend a descriptive ”

The voice we recognize complexly as we do a friend’s, a social ego at its richest and most individual. Their T seldom begins a poem,

it arrives politely late, surrounded by phrases that cast back its idiosyncrasy, intelligence, tone, like so many mirrors.

The beginning, on the other hand, is ubiquitous in Wright Lam’s bone lonely I am delighted”; “I woke and not uncommon in any of his contemporaries.

But more remarkable is the shared penchant for putting the 1″ in the simplest of possible sentence structures pronoun plus active or linking verb, with no modifiers before or between.

The becomes numb, neutral, universal: transparency through which we look directly to the state of being or feeling (Snyder ca the other hand prefers to omit the pronoun entirely following a Pound and the ideogram.)

The preference for simple sentence structures is not limited to first-person utterances with these poets, no matter how wild or surrealistic the content becomes, the syntax tends to remain clear and enumerative.

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