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I have often thought that poets have the easi est job in the world. A poem, after all, is just a few lines on a page, usually not even extending margin to margin-how long would that take to write, about five minutes?

Maybe ten at the most, if you wanted it to rhyme or have a repeating meter. Why I could start in the morning and produce a book of poetry by dinnertime. But we all know that it isn’t that easy.

Anyone can come up with enough words, but the poet’s job is about writing the right ones. The right words will change lives, making people see the world somewhat differently than they saw it just a few minutes earlier.

The right words can make a reader who relies on the dictionary for meanings take greater responsibility for his or her own personal understanding.

A poem that is put on the page correctly can bear any amount of analysis, probing, defining, explaining, and interrogating, and something about it will still feel new the next time you read it.

It would be fine with me if I could talk about poetry without using the word “magical,” because that word is overused these days to imply “a really good time,” often with a certain sweetness about it, and a lot of poetry is neither of these.

But if you stop and think about magic whether it brings to mind sorcery, witchcraft. or bunnies pulled from top hats it always seems to involve stretching reality to produce a result greater than the sum of its parts and pulling unexpected results out of thin air.

This book provides ample cases where a few simple words conjure up whole worlds.

WriterDavid Galens
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Poetry for Students Book Pdf Free Download

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