Glimpses Of World History By Jawaharlal Nehru PDF

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Glimpses Of World History Book PDF Free Download

Glimpses Of World History Book PDF Free Download

Glimpses Of World History

WHAT shall I write to you, my dear? Where shall I begin? When I think of the past, vast numbers of pictures rush through my mind. Some of the pictures stay longer than others.

They are my favorites and I begin to muse about them, and, unconsciously almost, I compare past happenings with what is taking place today, and try to find a lesson in them for my guidance.

But what a strange jumble is one’s mind, full of disconnected thoughts and ill-arranged images, like a gallery with no order in the arrangement of pictures.

And yet perhaps the fault is not entirely ours. Most of us could certainly arrange the order of events in our minds better. But sometimes the events themselves are strange and difficult to fit into any scheme of things.

I think I wrote to you once that a study of history should teach us how the world has slowly but surely progressed, how the first simple animals gave place to more complicated and advanced animals.

How last of all came the master animal-Man, and how by force of his intellect he triumphed over the others. Man’s growth from barbarism to civilization is supposed to be the theme of history.

In to show you how the idea of some of my letters I have tried the idea of co-operation or working together has grown, and how our ideal should be to work together for the common good.

But sometimes, looking at great stretches of history, it is difficult to believe that this ideal has made much progress or that we are very much civilized or advanced.

There is enough of want of co-operation today, of one selfishly attacking or oppressing another, country or people after millions exploiting another.

Backward and imperfect, how much of one man-year of the progress we are still so much longer will it take us to learn to behave as sensible and reasonable persons?

Sometimes we read about past periods of history which seem to be better than ours, more cultured and civilized even, and this makes ut doubt if our world is or backward.

AuthorJawaharlal Nehru
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Glimpses Of World History Book PDF Free Download

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