Civilization On Trial By Arnold J Toynbee PDF

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Civilization On Trial By Arnold J Toynbee Book PDF Free Download

Civilization On Trial By Arnold J Toynbee Book PDF Free Download

Civilization On Trial

My view of history is itself a tiny piece of history, and this is mainly other people’s history and not my own.

For a scholar’s life-work is to add his bucketful of water to the great and growing river of knowledge fed by countless bucketfuls of the kind.

If my individual view of history is to be made at all illuminating, or indeed intelligible, it must be presented in its origin, growth, and social and personal setting.

There are many angles of vision from which human minds peer at the universe.

Why am I a historian, not a philosopher or a physicist? For the same reason that I drink tea and coffee without sugar.

Both habits were formed at a tender age by following a lead from my mother. I am a historian because my mother was one before me; yet at the same time.

I am conscious that I am of a different school from hers. Why did I not exactly take my mother’s cue?

First, because I was born by my mother into the next generation to hers, and my mind was, therefore, not yet set hard when history took my generation by the throat in 1914.

And, secondly, because my education was more old-fashioned than my mother’s had been.

For any would-be historian-and especially for one born into these times, classical education is, in my belief, a priceless boon.

As a training-ground, the history of the Graeco-Roman world has its conspicuous merits. In the first place.

Graeco-Roman history is visible to us in perspective and can be seen by us as a whole because it is over in contrast to the history of our own Western world.

Which is a still-unfinished play of which we do not know the eventual ending and cannot even see the present general aspect from our own position as momentary actors on its crowded and agitated stage.

AuthorArnold J Toynbee
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Civilization On Trial By Arnold J Toynbee Book PDF Free Download

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