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General And Industrial Management Book PDF Free Download

General And Industrial Management Book PDF Free Download

General And Industrial Management

1. Technical Activities

The number, variety, and importance of technical activities, the fact that products of every kind (material, intellectual, moral) originate with technical me.

The almost exclusively vocational teaching of our technical schools, the openings available to technical men-all these contribute to making the technical function.

And in consequence technical ability, stand out from and overshadow other abilities that are just as necessary for, and sometimes more conducive to, the progress and prosperity of businesses.

Nevertheless, the technical function is not always the most important. Even in industrial undertakings, there are circumstances.

Where someone of the other functions may exercise a much greater influence over the running of the business than does the technical one.

It must not be lost sight of that the six essential functions are closely interdependent the technical function, for instance, cannot.

2.Commercial Activities

The prosperity of an industrial concern often depends much on the commercial as on the technical function. For the product not to sell means ruin.

Knowledge of buying and selling is just as important as knowledge of efficient production.

Commercial ability includes, together with acumen and decision, a thorough knowledge of the market and of the strength of competitors.

Long-term foresight, and, to an increasing extent in large-scale concerns, the use of contracts.

Finally, when products pass from one section to another, within the same concern, the commercial function must see to it that prices determined by a higher authority do not give rise to dangerous Illusions.

3.Financial Activities

Nothing is done without this function entering into it. Capital is required for personnel, plant, tools, raw materials, dividends, development, reserves, etc.

Shrewd financial management is necessary to obtain capital, to make optimum use of available funds, to avoid foolhardy commitments.

Many potentially prosperous enterprises die suffering from a lack of money. Nor is any reform or improvement possible without finances or credit.

An essential condition of success is to keep a constant watch over the financial position of the business.

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General And Industrial Management Book PDF Free Download

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