The Flivver King By Upton Sinclair PDF

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The Flivver King Book PDF Free Download

The Flivver King Book PDF Free Download

The Flivver King

“Mom,” said little Abner, “there’s a feller down the street says he’s goin’ to make a wagon that’ll run without a hoss.’

“He’s crazy,” said Mom. “He doesn’t look like he’s crazy,” argued the boy.

“He looks like a nice feller.” “Well, you keep away from him. You don’t want to go foolin’ round no cranks.”

It wasn’t the first time that mothers had been mistaken as to what their children wanted.

All the boys in the neighborhood wanted to see the “horseless carriage,” and hear what the feller had to say about it.

One of his ways of being “nice” was liking to talk to kids; their minds were less fixed in the notion that because something never had happened, therefore it never could happen.

On warm summer evenings, when he worked with the door of his shed open, there would be several boys in the entrance looking on.

If they behaved themselves and asked smart questions, he didn’t mind if they came inside and watched his work.

He would explain the idea of a new kind of engine, in which the fire, instead of being built underneath a boiler, was inside a metal cylinder, the power coming from a series of gas explosions, small but very fast.

Abner said no more to his mother about it, because the word “explosion” would send her into a panic.

After supper, he ran out to play with the other kids, and if instead of chasing cats and pulling girls’ pigtails they listened to explanations about internal combustion engines, what harm was there?

It was something you didn’t have in every residence neighborhood, and some of the kids would brag about it, and there were fist-fights over the question of whether or not a wagon could be made to run of itself.

AuthorUpton Sinclair
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The Flivver King Book PDF Free Download

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