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Great Tricks Revealed Book PDF Free Download

Great Tricks Revealed Book PDF Free Download

Great Tricks Revealed By Will Goldsto


I AM often asked what are the outstanding memories of my thirty-five years in magic-and quite as often, I am compelled to reply, “I don’t know.

That is the truth, nothing less. When I cast my mind back to the beginning of the present century, to the hundreds of magicians I have met, to the innumerable magical performances.

I have witnessed in Britain, Europe, and America, I am quite at loss to name anyone experience as an outstanding memory of my career.

I am, of course, a lucky man, for I have been contemporary with many of the greatest magical performers of all time.

Houdini, Maskelyne, Devant, Lafayette, Hertz, Chung Ling Soo, Goldin-think of such men as these, think of what they have done for magic!

And they are but a few of the outstanding personalities I have known and worked with. To declare that any one of them is pre-eminent is an injustice to the others.

When I look back to my early days, I think inevitably of the Egyptian Hall, Piccadilly. And therein I find a host of memories, all worthy of the adjective “outstanding ” “.

Those who never knew the Egyptian Hall in its palmy days cannot adequately appreciate all that it stood for in magic.

That tiny theatre, with its incredibly small stage, and its intimate” drawing-room” atmosphere, was

the shop window of the world’s magic, and to have played there bestowed a prestige equivalent to the eighteen-carat mark on gold.

The magician who performed at the Egyptian Hall was not merely regarded as good. He was a master.

A modern audience would regard those old programs of the Egyptian Hall as unimaginative.

Nonetheless, they had a tremendous appeal to the public of the time and served an invaluable purpose, not only to the magicians who participated in them but to magic as a whole.

Maskelyne and Cooke were, of course, the proprietors of the hall, and what John Nevil Maskelyne did not know concerning public taste was not worth knowing.

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Great Tricks Revealed Book PDF Free Download

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