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Fundamentals Of Physics

Over the last few years, several books have appeared for preparatory courses in colleges and universities.

A student can select a book according to his requirements and taste with or without his teachers guidance.

The book being of fered by the author differs from other existing books on the subject in its nontraditional approach to the course of phys ics.

The principle underlying the preparation of this course can be summarized as follows: “From atom to matter”.

What prompted the author to adopt this approach? In deed, the creation of new materials with unusual mechani cal, thermal, electrical, magnetic, and optical properties requires a microscopic approach to the problem and a clear understanding of the practical significance of the approach “from atom to matter”.

This means that the scientists and industrial workers engaged in fields like physical materials science, nuclear and semiconductor engineering, laser tech nology, and space science must be prepared to use this ap proach.

Modern radio and electronics engineering is becoming quantum-mechanical in its approach. Today, electrical engineers use superconducting materials.

Many important biological problems including the mechanism of muscle oper ation, transfer of nerve signals, and the mechanism of mem ory can be solved only by molecular-level research.

These requirements are not fully met by the courses of physics using the traditional scheme: mechanics, heat, electricity and magnetism, optics, atomic physics.

Lastly, it should be remarked that the formation and teaching of physics courses on the approach “from atom to matter” is a requirement not only of the modern engineering physics practice but al so of the logic of development of physics.

AuthorB.N Ivanov
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Fundamentals of Physics Book PDF Free Download

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