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Before The Beginning And After The End Book PDF Free Download


The universe and its processes are a fascinating drama, a gripping interplay of supraphysical energies.

In Vedic literature the word Deva or Devata is often used to denote the supraphysical energies which interact to create, modify or undo.

Translations of the word Devata as “god” (with a small g) have distorted a meaningful formulation into superstition or mysticism.

The word Devata represents these supraphysical energies, which are the actors on the stage of the universe.

We have already been introduced to Prana, the key actor the cosmic theatre, and we have now heard the names of some other principal actors in this engaging play, most notably Mana and Wak, close associates of Prana.

But there are others also for example Atma and Brahma – whom we need to know to appreciate this drama in all its multifaceted charm.

So let us become acquainted with them a little, and explore the supraphysical domain further.


Our universe consists of innumerable objects, and when we view the universe we see these objects, We initially focus on their shape, as being either round, rectangular.

square, or possessed of some other shape altogether. The form. however, is only a shell. We then look beyond the shell at what is contained within.

Who ds the substance within that shell? Does it contain something solid. liquid or gaseous

Even after we have seen the form and the content, our knowledge of the object is still incomplete.

We are not able to differentiate between the sun and the moon, between gold and iron, between milk and alcohol, because our knowledge of an object becomes complete only when we come to know its functions.

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Before The Beginning And After The End Book PDF Free Download

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