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Atomic Theory And Nuclear Physics

This book is intended for the student reading for an Honours Degree In Science in which Physica is a major subject.

The scope covers almost all aspects of the extra-nuclear structure of the atom that are likely to be encountered in an undergraduate course but it is not necessarily regarded as a complete text in nuclear physics for those students specializing in this subject in the final year. SI units have been used throughout the text.

The historical development has been kept continually in mind as also has the experimental approach and the necessity for theory and calculations.

In this way, it is hoped that the reader will obtain an appreciation of the extent of the creative activity that has been devoted to this vital branch of Physics since the beginning of the twentieth century and that he will, furthermore,

learn the various methods of attack which have been used to solve problems in both experimental and theoretical work.

It has been considered preferable to describe aspects of the methods of classical-quantum theory before undertaking the more difficult but rewarding study of quantum mechanics.

Many worked examples are included in the text; there are also collections of examples, mostly taken from University Degree papers, at the end of each chapter. Sincere thanks are expressed to the University Senates concerned for their willingness to allow this.

The author is indebted to students and colleagues to the Department at The Polytechnic of Central London and in particular, for many discussions with Dr. K. J. Close and Dr. R. M. Whittle. Gratitude is also due to Mrs. Elizabeth Bangham, who typed the manuscript.

AuthorJohn Yarwood
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Atomic Theory And Nuclear Physics Book PDF Free Download

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