Exercise During Pregnancy PDF For Women

Yoga For Pregnant Women Book PDF Free Download

Exercise During Pregnancy For Woman Book PDF Free Download

WHY EXERCISE During Pregnancy

  1. To help prepare your body for the stress of labor and delivery.

a. To gain flexibility and strengthen muscles used during childbirth. Normal hormone changes cause ligaments and joints to relax. This increases the chance of sprains. Strength and flexibility decrease the risk of straining a muscle or joint.

b. To improve stamina.

2. To help relieve back pain.

3.To improve posture.

4.Improves balance.

a. As the uterus grows bigger, the body’s center of gravity changes, making it easier for the pregnant woman to lose her balance. Exercise helps the individual easily adapt to her changing shape

5.To help your body more efficiently carry the load during pregnancy.

6.To improve circulation.

7.Lowers blood pressure and resting heart rate

a. Aerobic exercise – like walking or biking -conditions the heart and lungs. Pregnancy can affect breathing. Expect to feel out of breath sooner than you normally would.

If you can talk while you exercise, you are probably exercising at the right level. If you get out of breath, cut back. Lung fitness is improved with aerobic exercise.

b. Because of the extra effort your heart makes during pregnancy, it beats faster. Even moderate exercise can make your heart stronger. During exercise, keep your heart rate lower than 140 beats per minute

8.Improve self-image.

9.Regain figure faster.


A. Stretches for lower back

  1. Gently pull knee towards chest hold leg behind thigh, NOT on top of your knee. (point knee towards ear)
  2. Gently pull both knees towards chest holding legs behind thighs.
  3. HOLD for 15 seconds.

B. Upper back stretch

1 Sit with soles of feet together, but about 15″ away from the pelvis.

2 Pull-in abdominal muscles, rounding your back

3. Gently tuck chin to chest, stretching upper back. HOLD 15 seconds.

C. Pelvic Tilts

  1. Laying down, knees bent, feet flat on the floor. Tilt pelvis back to flatten the hollow” in low back
  2. On al fourcat-back” raises,
  3. Standing bend knees.

D. Kegels

  1. Tighten pelvic floor muscles hold 3-5 seconds. 50/day(think of pulling the muscles “up” & “in” & gently release)
  2. Elevator

a. Gradually tighten pelvic floor muscles- going from the “first floor to the fourth floor.

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Exercise During Pregnancy For Women Book PDF Free Download

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