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Ethics And Values Book

Men and women require an equal atmosphere to grow and unfold their potential. Both need to enjoy dignity and their human rights.

Attaining equality between women and men and eliminating all forms of discrimination against women are the cherished values enshrined in the national agendas of each nation.

It is realized now that values cannot be created nor practices are easy to be changed through law. They require the development of a new consciousness, a new desire, and a changed attitude, mindset, and practices. This is the focus of this module.

In its attempt to bring out the common issues on women, the authors have tried to contextualize the discussions on the institutions like family, marriage, property, women in the workspace, women in community and society, and the common practices that are in vogue in these institutions and places and to what extent they are ethically sound and value gender justice, the dignity of women and their enjoyment of human rights.

These institutions and spaces are within the knowledge and practice of the everyday lives of our students so that they can easily relate the discussions of the module to the actual situation they experience in different spheres of their lives.

The elaborations are mostly situational depictions that try to bring out to the conscious notice of the students about the prevalent practices and propel the students to visualize the values involved in them right now, whether they need a change, and if needed, how can they be changed.

It also contains the success or path-breaking stories of some women which will inspire our girls to think of a better world where they themselves can lead the change.

The book is just a guide to stir the student’s thoughts and reason, to allow them to ponder over the issues and it tries to initiate them to spell out the desirable values which they can practice or motivate their surrounding members to practice to change the situation of the women around them whether their sisters, peers, co-workers, mothers or grandmothers.

Their changed values and ethical responsibilities towards women can change the situation of women as a gender group and create a healthy society where both gender groups will cooperate and complement each other to make life meaningful and fulfilling for themselves.

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Ethics And Values Book PDF Free Download

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