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A Dictionary Hindustani And English Book Pdf Free Download

A Dictionary Hindustani And English

A DICTIONARY, Hindustani and English, accompanied by a reverse part, English and Hindustani, has hitherto been a desideratum in this country.

It must be obvious that it is indispensable to a student of a foreign language, desirous of speaking and writing, as well as reading it, that

he should have not only the words of that foreign language explained in his own, but the words of his own tongue rendered into that foreign language;

and that a Dictionary, intended to assist translation into both languages, which wants either counterpart, is essentially defective.

After more than twenty years of experience in the study and teaching of Hindustani, which has convinced me that this deficiency,

added to the exorbitant price charged for Hindustani Dictionaries, has greatly impeded learners,

I have endeavored to remove this impediment by compiling a Dictionary of the principal colloquial language of India at once copious, portable, and of a moderate price.

These objects have been attained, without any real sacrifice, by using a small but clear and distinct letter-press; by employing

the Roman character wherever it answered the purpose better than the Oriental; and by excluding everything not practically useful, and which is, therefore, an encumbrance, to the learner.

By these means, I have been enabled to compress into a single volume, of convenient dimensions, both parts of the Dictionary, including,

at the same time, not only more words, but more information really useful to the student, than will be found in any Dictionary of the language hitherto published.

It is proper and will be expected, that I should give a brief account of the authorities to which I am indebted for the materials of this Dictionary, and of the mode in which I have compiled both its parts.

Upon this found on I have superadded at least fifteen thousand words and phrases from the following source – Bit A vast number of useful words, both Urdu and Hindi, from the eccentric,

WriterDuncan Forbes
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A Dictionary Hindustani and English Book Pdf Free Download

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