Building with Earth Book PDF By Gernot Minke

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Building with Earth: Design and Technology of a Sustainable Book PDF Free Download

Building with Earth Book PDF By Gernot Minke

Written in response to an increasing worldwide interest in building with earth, this handbook deals with the earth as a building material,

and provides a survey of all of its applications and construction techniques, including the relevant physical data, while explaining its specific qualities and the possibilities of optimizing them.

No theoretical treatise, however, can substitute for a practical experience involving actually building with earth.

The data and experiences and the specific realizations of earth construction contained in this volume may be used as guidelines for a variety of construction processes and possible applications by engineers,

architects, entrepreneurs, craftsmen, and public policy-makers who find themselves attempting, either from desire or necessity, to come to terms with humanity’s oldest building material.

Earth as a building material comes in a thousand different compositions, and can be variously processed Loam, or clayey soil,

as it is referred to scientifically, has different names when used in various applications, for instance, rammed earth, soil blocks, mud bricks, or adobe.

This book documents the results of experiments and research conducted continuously at the Forschungslabor für Experimentelles Bauen (Building Research Institute) at the University of Kassel in Germany since 1978.

Moreover, the specialized techniques which the author developed and the practical experience he gathered in the course of designing earth buildings in a number of countries have also found their way into this book.

This volume is loosely based on the German publication Das Neue Lehmbau-Handbuch (Publisher: Ökobuch Verlag, Staufen), first published in 1994 and now in its sixth edition.

Of this publication, a Spanish and a Russian edition have also appeared.

While this is first and foremost a technical book, the introductory chapter also provides the reader with a short survey of the history of earth architecture.

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