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Dualism As Per This Book

A college in the State of Ohio has adopted for its motto the words ‘Orient thyself.’ This significant admonition to Western youth represents one condition of attaining truth in the science of mythology.

Through neglect of it, the glowing personifications and metaphors of the East have too generally migrated to the West only to find it a Medusa turning them to stone. Our prosaic literalism changes their ideals to idols.

The time has come when we must learn rather see ourselves in them: out of age and civilization where we live in habitual recognition of natural forces we may transport ourselves to a period and region where no sophisticated eye looks upon nature.

The sun is a chariot drawn by shining steeds and driven by a refulgent deity; the stars ascend and move by arbitrary power or command; the tree is the power of a spirit; the fountain leaps from the urn of a naiad.

In such gay costumes did the laws of nature hold their carnival until Science struck the hour for unmasking?

The costumes and masks have with us become materials for studying the history of the human mind, but to know them we must translate our senses back into that phase of our own early existence, so far as is consistent with carrying our culture with us.

Without conceding too much to Solar mythology, it may be pronounced tolerably clear that the earliest emotion of worship was born out of the wonder with which man looked up to the heavens above him.

The splendors of the morning and evening; the azure vault, painted with frescoes of cloud or blackened by the storm; the night, crowned with constellations: this awakened imagination, inspired awe, kindled admiration, and at length adoration, in the being who had reached intervals in which his eye was lifted above the earth.

Amid the rapture of Vedic hymns to these sublimities, we meet sharp questioning whether there be any such gods as the priests say, and suspicion is sometimes cast on sacrifices.

The forms that peopled the celestial spaces may have been those of ancestors, kings, and great men, but anterior to all forms was the poetic enthusiasm that built heavenly mansions for them;

and the crude cosmogonies of primitive science were probably caught up by this spirit and consecrated as slowly as scientific generalizations now are.

AuthorMoncure Daniel Conway
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Demonology And Devil Lore Book PDF Free Download

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