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Managerial Economics MCQ With Answers PDF

  1. Managerial Economics is________
    A. Dealing only micro aspects
    B. Only a normative science
    C. Deals with practical aspects
    D. All of the above
  2. The techniques of optimization include
    A. Marginal analysis
    B. Calculus
    C. Linear programming
    D. All of the above
  3. In economics, desire backed by purchasing power is known as
    A. Utility
    B. Demand
    C. Consumption
    D. Scarcity
  4. Basic assumptions of law of demand include
    A. Prices of other goods should change.
    B. There should be substitute for the commodity.
    C. The commodity should not confer any distinction.
    D. The demand for the commodity should not be continuous
  5. Higher the price of certain luxurious articles, higher will be the demand, this concept
    is called
    A. Giffen effects
    B. Veblen effects
    C. Demonstration effects
    D. Bothb&cabove
  6. In the case of perfect elasticity, the demand curve is
    A. Vertical
    B. Horizontal
    C. Flat
    D. Steep
  7. Outlay method of measurement of elasticity is also called as
    A. Percentage method
    B. Expenditure method
    C. Point method
    D. Geometric method
  8. __ demand forecasting is related to the business conditions prevailing in
    the economy as a whole
    A. Macro level
    B. Industry level
    C. Firm level
    D. None of these
  9. __ is the base of marketing planning
    A. Demand Estimation
    B. Demand analysis
    C. Demand function
    D. Demand forecasting
  10. _ is the change in total revenue irrespective of changes in price or due to
    the effect of managerial decision on revenue
    A. Average revenue
    B. Total revenue
    C. Marginal revenue
    D. Incremental revenue
  11. Perfect competition is characterized by
    A. large number of buyers and sellers
    B. homogeneous product
    C. free entry and exit of firms
    D. all the above
  12. The distinction between variable cost and fixed cost is relevant only in
    A. long period
    B. short period
    C. medium term
    D. mixed period
  13. In __ approach, the demand for new product is estimated on the basis
    demand of existing product
    A. Growth curve approach
    B. Evolutionary approach.
    C. Opinion polling approach
    D. Vicarious approach.
  14. The proportionate change in the quantity demanded of a commodity in response
    to change in the price of another related commodity is called
    A. Price elasticity
    B. Related elasticity
    C. Cross elasticity
    D. Income elasticity
  15. Which one is the method for measurement of elasticity
    A. Proportional or Percentage Method
    B. Outlay Method
    C. Geometric method
    D. All the above
  16. __ Method is also known as Sales-Force – Composite method or collective
    opinion method
    A. Opinion survey
    B. Expert opinion
    C. Delphi method
    D. Consumer interview method
  17. Which of the following is not a method of demand forecasting of new products
    A. Trend projection
    B. Substitute approach
    C. Evolutionary approach
    D. Sales experience approach
  18. Psychological pricing is also called as;

A. Penetration pricing
B. Skimming pricing
C. Odd pricing
D. None of these

  1. Customary pricing is also known as
    A. Consumer pricing
    B. Conventional pricing
    C. Cost plus pricing
    D. Full cost pricing
  2. __ is the process of finding current values of demand for various values
    of prices and other determining variables.
    A. Demand Estimation
    B. Demand analysis
    C. Demand function
    D. Demand forecasting
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Managerial Economics MCQ With Answers Book PDF Free Download

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