CSD Area Depots GSTIN And Contact Numbers List PDF

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GSTIN And Contact Numbers of CSD Area Depots PDF Free Download

GSTIN And Contact Numbers of CSD Area Depots

The Department of Canteen Stores is functioning under the Ministry of Defence. The Department is maintaining the whole control of the CSD Depot and Unit Run Canteens. In India, 34 Depot canteens and more than 3700 Unit Run Canteens are functioning for Armed Forces and Ex-Servicemen. 

The CSD Depot canteen and Unit Run Canteen are selling thousands of products from pins to cars to Armed Forces Personnel with subsidy rates!

This is a great service to soldiers without profit! Yes, the CSD is not a profit-making company!

CSD Area DepotGSTIN NumberSTD CodeTel (Office)E-mail address
Agra09AAAGC0017Q1ZG05622421177[email protected]
Ahmedabad24AAAGC0017Q1ZO07922867451 / 22850277[email protected]
Ambala06AAAGC0017Q1ZM01712611373 / 2611442[email protected]
Baghdogra19AAAGC0017Q1ZF03532480484 / 2480041[email protected]
Bangalore29AAAGC0017Q1ZE08025589982[email protected]
Bareilly09AAAGC0017Q3ZE05812510188[email protected]
BD Bari01AAAGC0017Q1ZW01923220481[email protected]
Bhatinda03AAAGC0017Q1ZS01642290874[email protected]
Bikaner08AAAGC0017Q2ZH01512233897[email protected]
Chennai33AAAGC0017Q1ZP04422235438[email protected]
Dehradun05AAAGC0017Q1ZO01352711009[email protected]
Delhi07AAAGC0017Q1ZK01125693620 / 25693774[email protected]
Dimapur13AAAGC0017Q1ZR03862232995 / 232153[email protected]
Hissar06AAAGC0017Q2ZL01662223581[email protected]
Jabalpur23AAAGC0017Q1ZQ07612622656[email protected]
Jaipur08AAAGC0017Q1ZI01412204923[email protected]
Jalandhar03AAAGC0017Q3ZQ01812260202 / 2263890[email protected]
Khadki27AAAGC0017Q4ZF02025812907 / 25813631[email protected]
Kochi32AAAGC0017Q1ZR04842203339[email protected]
Kolkata19AAAGC0017Q2ZE03322485939[email protected]
Lucknow09AAAGC0017Q2ZF05222450327[email protected]
Leh01AAAGC0017Q4ZT01982260444[email protected]
Masimpur18AAAGC0017Q5ZD03842278213[email protected]
Meerut09AAAGC0017Q4ZD01212648257 /2640983[email protected]
Misamari18AAAGC0017Q4ZE03714253534[email protected]
Mumbai Area27AAAGC0017Q3ZG02223744113/23744114/23725033[email protected]
Mumbai Base27AAAGC0017Q2ZH02223720601 /23722074[email protected]
Narangi18AAAGC0017Q1ZH03612642482[email protected]
Pathankot03AAAGC0017Q2ZR01862224618[email protected]
Port Blair35AAAGC0017Q1ZL03192260399 /261284[email protected]
Ramgarh20AAAGC0017Q1ZW06553225385[email protected]
Sec’bad36AAAGC0017Q1ZJ04027794147[email protected]
Srinagar01AAAGC0017Q3ZU01942468085[email protected]
Udhampur01AAAGC0017Q2ZV01992242237[email protected]
Miramar37AAAGC0017Q1ZH08912558218[email protected]
Visakhapatnam27AAAGC0017Q1ZI02222037120 /40/42[email protected]@[email protected]
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GSTIN And Contact Numbers of CSD Area Depots PDF Free Download

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