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Conductor Exam Book

H. Safety Rules

  1. Employees must know and follow all PATH safety rules, PATH emergency preparedness plans, and the specific safety rules or procedures of their division or business.
  2. Employees must immediately report any unsafe work conditions that could put themselves at risk Other.
  3. Employees must use proper safety equipment while performing their duties. dust masks, respirators, goggles, safety glasses, hearing protection, work gloves, flashlight, disposable suit, Respirators, approved steel or composite-toed safety work shoes, and other personal protective footwear Equipment is provided and must be worn for prescribed work effort.
  4. PATH will issue reflective safety jackets, which must be worn at all times while walking or working on or near the tracks.
  5. Staff shall not enter track areas without prior permission from the Trainmaster, Train Dispatcher/Terminal Supervisor, Yard Supervisor, or Tower Operator.
  6. Walking or crossing the tracks is prohibited except in the discharge of duty. employees who are People authorized to walk or work in track areas must follow applicable rules, regulations
  7. Staff should not cross the track immediately after the train has passed. employees must first Watch for trains coming in both directions before crossing the track. while crossing the track Stand at least 25 feet in front of or behind stationary equipment safely.
  8. Employees should expect movement on any track, in any direction, at any time. they must Identify and be aware of the safety space available at all times.
  9. When it is necessary to cross the third rail, workers should avoid the area of the third rail’s lateral tilt. Employees should not sit on the third rail overboard and avoid stepping on it.
  10. Employees should not walk or step on a moving train, the train should not stop, and should not move. transponder or other field-mounted equipment.

abnormal operating condition procedures

  1. When a train is disabled between stations, the next train will be attached to the instructions of the trainmaster and will be taken slowly to the next station, where customers should request Get off and take the next train. Unless otherwise instructed, the handicapped train shall be immediately escorted to the nearest terminal. Should the front compartment of the train be disabled? When the engineer is required to conduct operations from other than the head car, the conductor should be stationed in the engineer cab of the first car of the train and, from there, inspect the signal signals in advance and relay signal information to the engineer via intercom, public address, radio or buzzer systems.
  2. Whenever a train is delayed on the station platform due to further stoppage, the conductor shall leave the doors of the train open to enable customers who wish to leave the train to do so. If the car doors have been closed and the “Proceed” signal has been advanced before it is realized that there is a stoppage ahead, the conductor must notify the engineer before opening the car doors.
  3. Each car is equipped with a conductor’s emergency brake valve. This valve is equipped with a handle that gives the conductor control of the brake. Pulling this handle opens the valve and Brakes in an emergency. This control of brakes is given to the conductor for the sole purpose of preventing accidents and he should not use this emergency facility except for that purpose.
  4. If the train crew is instructed to evacuate the train, the crew shall remove the emergency ladder and platform from the emergency compartment behind the engineer’s cab and place it in place.
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Conductor Exam Book PDF Free Download

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